A 85 year old Huangyan donated 1 million 500 thousand for home repair Twin Towers-pullip

A 85 year old Huangyan donated 1 million 500 thousand only for the home repair Twin Towers is located in Taizhou north of the city of Huangyan Tang Menshan are known as "dual orb," Twin Towers, was the memory of Huangyan people. In their 60 years of 85 year old Zhu Zhiyong’s heart, Twin Towers is a vein he homesickness. Think of Twin Towers, they think of the Huangyan landscape, the thought of Huangyan alleys, he thought of your family. After a lapse of 60 years, to return to the homeland, found that Twin Towers had disappeared in the history of smoke, the man decided to donated 1 million 500 thousand yuan to rebuild the north gate of Twin Towers tang. Twin Towers is the memories of his hometown Zhu Zhiyong was born on 1933 in Huangyan north gate, the first Medical College Department of health in 1954 admitted to the Shanghai city. That year, only 21 years old, he left his hometown to study in Shanghai. With tears in the eyes to see the back home, away is called "double orb" north of the city of Huangyan Tang Menshan of Twin Towers, this is his last picture of hometown impression. After graduation, he was assigned to the Zhejiang provincial epidemic prevention station, former Zhejiang provincial health and epidemic prevention station, inspection chief physician, director of laboratory center, chief physician. In 1982, he ran the risk of being infected, successfully separated from the epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus. From 1983 to 1984, he has found a gerbil, rabbits are sensitive to epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus reaction. He has been engaged in scientific research of disease prevention and control, is a well-known health and epidemic prevention experts, won the national science and technology progress award. After 60 years of study, become the oldest old boy. Back home, his eyes full of tears, but could not find the shadow of Twin Towers. Half a century ago, Twin Towers had been demolished. He donated 1 million 500 thousand yuan to the renovation of the Twin Towers, Shuikou mountain is located in the permanent Ningjiang Tang door. Before 60s and 70s of last century, the Huangyan times flooded or shipping. Ship to Wang Linyang, you can see the Twin Towers, indicating that Huangyan port is coming. Half a century ago, Twin Towers is one of the most important mark for the boatman, and for the north from Huang Yanren, Tang door Twin Towers naturally become their last affectionate glance. Suddenly find that it has all gone, like a childhood toy lost in the wind, lost love to. Speaking to Zhu Zhiyong murmured: "left over the bridge, the early morning after the rain of the double pearl beauty makes me very excited, this moment forever engraved in my mind." With this landmark, let him feel the land of a different kind of affection. From the last glimpse of small home, to old age affectionate gaze, "Sarah" has given his soul comfort, always let him recall his life by! In 2007, the old man to the Huangyan district government donated reconstruction Tang door desire of Twin Towers. However, due to various reasons, the rehabilitation of the Twin Towers project, in May this year, in the coordination of the district government, was able to start smoothly. Zhu Zhiyong with a lifetime savings invested 1 million 500 thousand yuan for the restoration of the Twin Towers, pavilion style pagoda slender waist is acerbity fold, eaves eaves. 16.9 meters high tower, tower 5 layer 6, xumizuo perimeter 10.8 meters. Twin Towers is divided into "the star", "writing" two towers, two towers and standing 22.8 meters apart. Currently, the main body of Twin Towers has been built.相关的主题文章: