A blind mother reservation table ridicule Forbes list as the daughter of spirit-soojin

A blind mother reservation table ridicule Forbes ranking spirit for her daughter to date the reservation table for her daughter to date reservation form CNR net Beijing on October 8th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported as a daughter, this two days, a daughter and single table photos on the Internet are all forwarding during the National Day is -Jolene users @ Joe mom booked date Bureau, yesterday evening she gave mom pack study, find the date reservation form. Many people in emotion is always the mother for us to worry about the people, the table, the night is somewhat ironic. In this piece of lined notebook paper, the top line reads "Jo Jo 30 days late". Then the first row is three star, October 1st, at 9:30 in the morning, Hualong Starbucks, XX’s nephew master, 29 years old, made under the 5 arrow, pointing at "car no room", "science of language", "Switzerland just returned two years, often in the Changsha" and "dessert". October 2nd, 7 in the evening, Wanda Starbucks Wang cousin, age of 28, the arrow corresponds to a car without a rival has a suite, undergraduate computer, infrastructure store repair computers". In October 3rd, 9 in the morning, the central city of Napa cafe, Luo minister friends son, "live in the dormitory car", "Department of physics", "teacher", "honest". 3 October 3rd afternoon, Wanda Starbucks, Zhang son friends "street BMW" and "Civil College" and "the construction team has several excavators". It is more like a blind date table, more like the Forbes list……相关的主题文章: