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A consumer rights in Shanghai for resignation explosion Note7: tired also will go on Washington (Chinese Morning Post reporter Zhao Wei) Samsung Note7 "explosion door" event of continuous fermentation, the day before, Fushun city consumers to buy less than a month of Samsung Note7 mobile phone exploded, causing trouble rights. Yesterday, someone’s Samsung Note7 mobile phone owner Mr. Zhang told reporters that he will be sent to the mobile phone is located in Shanghai’s third party Laboratory for testing, the test results when it is uncertain, adults will not stop. Zhang introduced in September 8th of this year, he was in the official flagship store Tmall Samsung to buy a Note7 line version of the phone. September 10th mobile phone arrival, the afternoon of September 26th, he used the mobile phone screen suddenly black screen, vibration concurrent hot, and then smoke, pungent odor, mobile phone less than five minutes to burn. According to media reports, Mr. Zhang’s encounter is a national version of Samsung Note7 fifth fire incident. Mr. Zhang said, after he will be reflected in the situation to the customer service department of Samsung Corp, but the Samsung Corp has not given specific treatment programs, the customer service department to wait for reply. You need to spend a lot of time due to censorship, to seek truth, Mr. Zhang said, he has to resign all rights, and rights in the end. Yesterday, Mr. Zhang told reporters that the current Beijing and a laboratory expert who came to Shanghai to detect mobile phone, mobile phone has been inspected, the detection results are uncertain when it. Zhang said that he will be based on specific test results, according to the law to the corresponding demands of Samsung Corp. For Mr. Zhang’s consumer complaints, the reporter contacted the customer service department of Samsung Corp, the relevant responsible person said, will reflect the situation to the relevant departments, and arrange for someone to respond. As of 18:30 yesterday, the reporter has not yet received feedback from the Samsung Corp treatment program, as well as the interpretation of someone’s Note7 mobile phone version of the incident. In response to the Samsung customer: no rules, can not be returned on October 12th morning, CCTV reporter came to the Samsung service center is located in Beijing Wangjing SOHO two layer. When a reporter asked the staff to buy Note7 mobile phone counseling has been how to return, the staff replied: first you hit 400 to ask, ask we’ll give you an answer. Subsequently, the reporter called the Samsung mobile phone customer service. The phone staff said: the recall after the return of the specific details have not yet introduced, consumers are also unable to return his Samsung Note7 mobile phone, the Note7 user can do is wait for the Samsung official website news. According to the association of CCTV News – Tips: lack of invoices can also return the Samsung Note7 Samsung Note7 mobile phone for consumers concerned about the return of goods, yesterday reporters call the customer service department of Samsung Corp. Customer service department official said that the current mobile phone recall notice has been issued, but the specific implementation details are in the late development, consumers can pay attention to the official website of Samsung Corp, and smell相关的主题文章: