A full two years to give up a child’s desire to grow stronger than small towns-googims

All the two children let fertility desire strong city a year in a small town in the original title: "fully liberalized birth two children" strong willingness to a big city in the small town according to the Xinhua news agency Xinhua comprehensive two child policy in the party’s the fifth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee communique was clear. Over the past year, the reporter found that the investigation of the situation in the ground around the policy, the implementation of the policy and the pre sentenced basically coincide, large cities will be stronger than small towns. The big city high fertility intention reporter found in Beijing, Guangzhou and other big city, full of two child policy after landing, the two children will gradually release, a lot of public hospital obstetric filing is difficult to find a number of pregnant women. Notice of Obstetrics of Peking University People’s Hospital posted show hall, due to maternity filing before June 10th next year, the registration has no quota. The number of Guangzhou women and children’s Medical Center outpatient pregnant women filing shows, due in October 1300, November 1400, more than 2015 full year single month peak of 1025. But in some cities and counties in the province, two child birth is more deserted". Anhui County Health Planning Commission, a person in charge, at the beginning of the local organization of two child Fertility Survey shows that the willingness to bear two children accounted for 20%, it is expected that the annual increase in the birth of a population of about two children in about 2000. But by October, the local population grew by only 555 people, far below expectations. Hubei Yichang city under the jurisdiction of the Yiling District, the average annual population in previous years was born about 4000 people. By the end of July this year, Yiling district two children born 763 people, accounting for 28.28% of the total number of births, only an increase of 57 over the same period last year. The supporting policy challenges facing the full two children after the opening, a large number of policies in line with the family will bring significant impact on the release, in terms of disposal, such as the number of pediatricians in high-risk pregnant women. To enhance significantly the number of older pregnant women, pregnancy increases the risk of. Anhui maternal and child health care hospital vice president Fang Xiangdong, the first 10 months of this year, the hospital treated a total of more than and 200 cases of critically ill women, most of whom are elderly women. A insiders admitted that part of the basic hospital are not ready for the full two children caused by maternal risk, some municipal hospitals are not equipped with even obstetric emergency medicine, some provinces there are thousands of midwives gap. The pediatrician shortage intensified. Since the end of last year, there are 5 hospitals in Guangzhou due to factors such as doctors leave, stop pediatric emergency room. Limit the number of pediatric registration, suspension of emergency, and even the temporary stop of Pediatrics, etc., in Shanghai, Nanjing and other places have also appeared. Some industry experts said that although the relevant state departments have been taken to revive the pediatrics undergraduate admissions, pediatricians training cycle is long, large labor intensity, low income, resulting in loss of the number of miss the number of recruits, pediatricians will become more and more serious shortage. The population and Development Research Institute of Nankai University professor Yuan Xin introduced by the end of the baby boom, due to the presence of pre – and prepare pregnant and other factors, the majority of women are still in the birth of two children during pregnancy, birth peak true at least at the end of this year will appear. In the two child fertility treatment protection, the country has 22相关的主题文章: