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A new round of land transfer secret world: a stone lake land brokers Jie Hongling heart landing, 1 million Commission in the bag. He called his friends to help him find a place to eat, sing, relax. These friends covered half of Jiangxi Province, and later became an important helper in his career as a broker. Jie Hongling is a unique new broker that has grown up in China in recent years. Different from the general sense of the broker, he mainly for rural land looking for operators. His 1 million Commission, is a Zhejiang Wenzhou land intensive management to do his relatives to pay. To this end, he has been busy for nearly half a year, two near the village of more than 2 thousand Jiangxi province Jiujiang Wuning County town of acres of woodland boat beach, pack to his relatives in Wenzhou, after the latter get these woodlands, will wait for the appreciation of the rent, and then transferred to the next offer. The merchant of Wenzhou get more than 2 thousand acres of woodland is the way: his company and the Jiangxi province Jiujiang Wuning County town of two boat beach near the village of villagers signed the transfer contract, the contract with the villagers each number, acreage, land rent, designation, entry, farmers in the confirmation form sign. In the back of the program, if there is no objection, the local forestry bureau will be issued a change of forest rights. In the new forest rights certificate, the four rights of this mountain in the three changes. Among them, the village collective ownership of forest land remains unchanged, use rights, forest ownership and forest use rights owner by the original villagers change to Jie Hongling the relatives in Wenzhou company. Jie Hongling got his 1 million Commission six years later in October 2016, the State Council issued the "State Council on the issuance of China national agricultural modernization plan (2016 – 2020) of the notice", supported by the land transfer, land trust, land investment and other forms to develop moderate scale operation. China Academy of Social Sciences Institute of rural development director Wei Houkai said it was a "agricultural modernization plan", "special emphasis on planning an important 13th Five-Year plan". In Anhui Xiaogangcun household responsibility system management mode China agricultural revolution triggered 38 years later, Chinese began looking for more suitable production and management mode for nearly 800 million farmers, more than 1 billion 800 million acres of arable land, carry out through the land transfer, land trust, land investment and other forms of the scale of operation has become one of the options. A keen sense of smell, the risk of the spirit of the businessmen have to join them, they contracted large tracts of agricultural land from farmers, their own business or sublet to the later. As a result of the long-term implementation of household contract, it is not easy to concentrate the scattered small pieces from the scattered farmers. Thus, the emergence of a large number of people like Jie Hongling, they have a vivid Name: "land brokers". Brokers from August 2015 to August 2016, the "land brokers" Hong Ling’s income reached 6 million. Jie Hongling said, these income includes the circulation of 3 acres of forest land, a few paddy fields, turf, etc.." After 8 years of accumulation, many village party secretary, the mayor, forestry bureau and other departments of the staff has become his "informant", to provide a large number of first-hand information. These information sources相关的主题文章: