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The outbreak of a rare drought in northwest area of Hubei over 230 thousand people drinking water problems – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Wuhan, September 24 (reporter Huang Yan) reporter from the office of the Hubei provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters learned that since September this year, the average precipitation is 9 less than normal, many counties in the northwest of Shiyan, Yichang and other places appear severe drought, 1 million 850 thousand acres of farmland affected by drought, there are 237 thousand people, 171 thousand livestock drinking water problems. From the meteorological department data show that since July 21 sunrise Mei, Hubei precipitation is low, the temperature is high, the sunshine is too much, resulting in meteorological drought in most parts of the province. Northwest of Hubei Province, where the drought is particularly serious in Shiyan. Shiyan area 7 counties, the average amount of precipitation during the Meiyu period is less than the same period in 10%, from January 1st this year to the total precipitation is 20% less than the same period of history. According to the Hubei Provincial Office of introduction, in September, the province’s drought has become more and more serious development. September 1st to 22, the province’s average cumulative rainfall of 10.5 mm, less than the same period last year, less than 9, relatively rare. As of now, Shiyan, Yichang, Xiangyang City, Yunxi 3, Fangxian, Xingshan, Zhushan, Zigui, Zhijiang, Nanzhang, Shennongjia forest region and Baokang 8 counties have 1 million 850 thousand acres of crops have been affected, of which 439 thousand mu of dry weight, dry 93 thousand acres, 237 thousand people and 171 thousand head of livestock drinking water problems. The 61 site 21 soil moisture monitoring results show that in Wuhan, Western Huanggang, northern Xiangyang, Suizhou, southern Shiyan, Shennongjia forest region and other places of local severe lack of moisture to the local autumn harvest species impact. Hubei provincial government recently made the deployment of work to increase efforts around the drought, the loss will be reduced to a minimum. According to the office of Hubei Province, as of now the province invested a total of 223 thousand passengers dispatched labor drought, drought motorized equipment 6151 sets, water tankers 868 times, total irrigated 3 million 7 thousand acres of crops affected by the drought, a temporary solution to 197 thousand people and 136 thousand head of livestock drinking water. (Xinhua news agency, Huang Yan)相关的主题文章: