A song of ice and fire, different mouring period of Thailand tourism Sohu – Halloween clazziquai

A song of ice and fire, different mouring period of Thailand tourism Sohu [Halloween – at the end of this paper, welfare — teach you to identify the authentic Thailand grass cream yellow] seven original graphic. I hotlinking in a special historical period to Thailand. Here to see the different Thailand "ice" of Koh Samui because of the death of the king of Thailand. For a 1 year period of national mourning in Thailand. However, entertainment is only prohibited for 30 days. See on TV in Thailand, the political center of Thailand – Bangkok, Thailand people dressed in mourning, or in a variety of ways to mourn the king. Far from the political center of Thailand, Koh Samui. Because of special reasons of national mourning. Less usual peacefulness. If you come to Koh Samui at ordinary times, you will find that the bar on the street, the music played a few times. All kinds of activities on the road car, but also a variety of music with a variety of loudspeakers. However, now basically No. Return to a very quiet Koh Samui. Even the most famous, the world’s four largest electric sound lie – Full Moon Party are canceled. This time Koh Samui, perhaps more suitable for a daze. However, some of the less exciting Thailand. In the past few days, I just met the international crazy festival – Halloween I pay attention to the. In the WeChat circle of friends, the country has Chinese scraper Halloween in Koh Samui has quietly disappeared. There’s no sign of halloween. In the past, where the largest shopping malls central, has started a variety of warm-up activities. Now the Central Center, just put a mourning King flower bed. And similar mourning cloth field, in the lobby of the hotel will have basic. After all, there is no excessive commercialization. People still pay more attention to tradition, pay attention to etiquette. The impact of money on faith is not too bad. There is no festive atmosphere here. Halloween night, there are a few small bar attendants, in the quiet to draw their own Halloween makeup. While in Koh Samui, mouring has influence on some recreational activities but normal tourism activities, tourism continued to function throughout the individual groups of registration, as in the past runs. All kinds of tourism activities did not stop. From morning to night, turn red massage are dedicated quietly open and street restaurant, also have a lot of Chinese menu list, in order to attract more Chinese hawker. Of course, the price is much more expensive than before. Before fresh lobster more than 1 thousand to more than 2 thousand baht, 1 kilograms of lobster, is also the price to 3300 baht a kilogram. Presumably, where more Chinese tourists, where the restaurant will be on the rise of tourists it. Chinese tourists outside are not poor to "fire" of the Phuket Island and the Koh Samui Phuket Island across the sea, is another kind of scene. Phuket Island is a fully commercial tourist area. There is a perfect entertainment industry. There are different forces in every industry. Even the streets holding monkeys, lizards to attract tourists to take pictures of hawkers, are also black.相关的主题文章: