A war and their generals guess strategy-chompoo araya

A "war" offensive and defensive strategy of novice card booking their generals guess lead: the | war area, a knowledge of astronomy knowledge of geography, learned and wise, to take the lead, with a cape sharp, Linnanbuju brave, also leading to soldiers, a square, the morale of the sage. One thousand there are one thousand military generals, but more powerful generals to win a war, it is not a lack of soldiers with! 3D super real war "war" takes you back to the Ming Dynasty in the end battle, what is the connection between the generals and military generals, and each fit to which units? "War" will open the first test in September, passion conjecture, quest generals soldiers strategy! The reason is for the war, compulsory winner, one mind also war seems complicated, but actually has its inherent laws, unless the strength difference is too poor, or those of one mind, Peigemoqi, indomitable forces always have more chance of winning. So it is in the "real war" on the battlefield of the Ming Dynasty, the generals must command the Corps, good will, in one group, in order to enhance! "War" in general can by virtue of its powerful fighting force and skills play a huge role in the battlefield, comprehensive qualities so generals arms of the collocation, it is particularly important. Collocation is very diverse, but as long as the reference of distance, and the pursuit of the ultimate three principles can be. And have degrees, retreat without the battlefield is the overall strength of the competition including attack and defense, where conditions permit, as far as possible the two attributes are referred to the highest natural powerful. As with the tower shield and the generals will be very classic: Longbow Tower Shield soldiers formed a defensive formation, to defense from above and the front side of most of the attacks, even weak defense longbow is also available in the array at ease sleep without any anxiety archery, greatly enhance the efficiency of harvesting. Tower Shield soldiers and Longbow generals, with Enron archery soldiers and generals blunderbuss knife shield is also very practical, knife shield draw fire in front of generals, soldiers in blunderbuss after fire suppression and damage output. Knife shield generals, can block the enemy generals then cover our soldiers can slow down the enemy gun fire, forward speed, the soldiers shot blunderbuss more easily. With top generals protection Musketeers but no matter what kind of collocation, single generals is limited for our offensive and defensive strength of Chengdu. Even if the generals Longbow archery, none of the arrows, the attack force is limited. Knife shield generals even if established rock, it will eventually be Everfount the annihilation of the enemy. Therefore, there are degrees of offense and defense often means a certain aspect of attack and defense have certain shortcomings, only through the generals command to compensate. The distance with the killer with three-dimensional combat ranged damage and short range, to expand the scope of effectiveness at the same time, to ensure our survival ability, power should not be underestimated. The knife shield soldier and short bow generals collocation is a model with the distance. A short bow speed are quite outstanding, the range of the most lethal concentrated in the distance, so it is a high probability of enemy melee, the weaker armor has requirements on the operation level of game player. But with the sword shield soldiers with a short bow wu.相关的主题文章: