Adam And Eve Banished From Paradise-sichen

Arts-and-Entertainment They lived together in the Garden of Eden. And there was a rule that no one could eat the fruits on the tree of life and tree of good and evil. One day, the snake pointed to the tree of good and evil and said to Eve who stayed alone in the garden, "Are the fruits on the trees beautiful?" "Yes", Eve replied. Then the snake continued, "Delicious?" "I have not eaten them. I don’t know." "Why not have a try?" Therefore Eve ate the forbidden fruits and felt very good. And she lured Adam to eat. Suddenly their eyes became bright. God knew what Eve did and worried that if she also ate the fruits on the tree of life, she would be as immortal as him. Then he sent an angel to banish them out of the Garden of Eden to the earth. And he cursed: people would toil to make the land grow crops to feed themselves. So the earth became people purgation place "purgatory". Adam and Eve became the progenitors of the human race. This Christian theme had been painted for many artists. Adam And Eve Banished From Paradise made by one of the Italian greatest painters Masaccio in the 15th century had a dramatic sense. He solved the problem that Giotto had failed to docharacterization of the volume and the performance of the natural sense of space. Early Renaissance Masaccio endowed with the spirit of the times and sent to his ideal. In the works of Masaccio, Adam and Eve were robust, strong, and emotional people. The men and women .mitted crime because of their eating the forbidden fruits and were reluctant to leave God who repelled them out of the paradise. In the painting, the painter had basically solved the right shaping of human bodies and vivid creation of the emotional attitudes, which was quite different from the shaping which the medieval people could not stand on. The shameful modality of men and women was very vivid. Eve’s hands clutched her body, which was influenced by the ancient Greek form of Venus. The artist used .plex perspective foreshortening method to draw the angel, making it from reaching toward Adam and Eve to chase the spatial sense, at the same time, the artist began to use the optical projection, behind in person, letting Adam and Eve seem to be the trend in the light. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: