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After the divorce Baoqiang Wang choked voice: marriage to law – Sohu entertainment   after the divorce Baoqiang Wang choked voice: marriage to law [Click to enter the HD Photo]     Sohu entertainment news (Zhang Ning Wen Xuan anti shadow figure Li new video) the afternoon of October 10th, Baoqiang Wang’s directorial debut "havoc" held in Tianzhu the whole team conference in Beijing. This is also the first since Baoqiang Wang divorce storm, the first appearance in the media. In the end of the conference, Baoqiang Wang take the initiative to talk about their marriage, which choked several times, and that the subsequent marriage will be handed over to the law, after the incident the pain, but the thought of parents and children, and friends of the concern and encouragement, he will be very strong in the past. Baoqiang Wang said: "the recent about my own life, great changes have taken place. For me, it’s really a big hit. Recently, the state has not been so good, really do not know how to (face)…… I know the pain is on everyone, and it’s hard to live without you." At the same time, Baoqiang Wang talked about his experience such feelings: "I have to convince myself, think of my parents, my two kids, a lot of friends give me a lot of greetings and encouragement. I believe that the world is still a lot of good people, believe that good, everything will be better. I have to cheer up, including a lot of people I don’t know, give me a lot of love and help me out of the shadows." For many people concerned about his divorce now go one step, Baoqiang Wang simply said: "in fact, I told my marriage to the law, I believe that the law will be fair, this thing is pretty strong, will soon put to work behind, can not beat it." During the speech, Baoqiang Wang choked several times, he paused for a moment to gather his thoughts, and finally said: "don’t know life will encounter a lot of things, have encountered, trying to survive, start again, not what. In China, I believe in law." The light of the media President Wang Changtian also revealed that in the family accident occurred, he saw Baoqiang Wang during the period of pain, and even cry, after the movie finished, Baoqiang Wang became like another person.相关的主题文章: