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After thinking of soaring sugar! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Before the Mid Autumn Festival the author has suggested that every false will crazy, beware of holiday outside uncertain volatility in the market, the profit of the sidelines is better, indeed, ICE sugar rose once more than 8% violent epileptic amplitude, in accordance with the main contract 03, 5.86% rise finally closed at 22.40 cents, compare with other indicators, the dollar the index rose 0.81%, crude oil fell 1.26%, Brazil rose 1.22% reais, strong sugar from the dollar and to suppress the effects of crude oil fell, and benefit from the effects of rising reais in Brazil. From the current market fundamentals, one is the central and southern Brazil, 8 in the second half of April crushings and sugar production fell, sugar production 2 million 540 thousand tons, less than half of the 2 million 970 thousand tons, and 11% lower than last year, reduced production or cause the Brazil sugar premium reduced, but the short-term variable and non sugar inflation is caused by the main reason, should is worried about the long-term supply, as of the end of August, Brazil sugarcane sugar and ethanol ratio were 45.7% and 54.3%, 41.8% and 58.2% for the same period last year, continue to maintain a high proportion of sugar production. Two is the Holland cooperative bank 201617 global crop supply gap estimated from 5 million 500 thousand tons in June increased to 7 million 200 thousand tons, and is expected in the 201516 crop will be 7 million 900 thousand tons of supply shortfall. After 2 months of shock adjustment, breaking the previous high sugar and end adjustment, forming technology to break up again, rising channel, daily or weekly once again turn to pick up whatever form and remain intact, technology is no barrier to sugar, the market outlook will rise height and amplitude the boundless plain, but to look into the after October, India, Thailand, and China etc. sugar power supply, but the market is still in the direction of the general idea of the bargain, phase correction lows are approaching the opportunity. If you need to set up a resistance point, then the domestic new crop 6000 cost reference calculation, outside the sugar in the 24-25 cents Brazil sugar cost, such as exceeding the quota of imported domestic position, also do not have what meaning, there can be a lot on the state reserve sugar market. At present, Guangxi and Yunnan sugar spot market after the Mid Autumn Festival the first day of trading, could not wait to have raised the price of 150-170 yuan ton, second days, South China raised 30 yuan tons, up by 150 yuan tons of sunshine, but only 1701 contract Zhengtang tiaokonggaokai 167 yuan per ton, Hou Chonggao fell to 6414, stable in the vicinity of 6440, finally, at 6437 of the line, or 1.96% or 5.86% sugar response only about 33%, K line graph formed around 100 point gap. Due to the different there has been a huge spread inside and outside and inside and outside the sugar market policy, although affected by the impact of rising sugar inside, but considerably weaker than the outer sugar, weak in sugar, to review the相关的主题文章: