Air traffic control should not be the elephant in the room sayu-02

Air traffic control loopholes should not be "the elephant in the room" before the China civil aviation bureau will Shanghai Hongqiao Airport "10· 11" as signs of a serious accident, man-made aircraft dynamic command mistakes caused by forgotten because of the tower controller, and make a serious deal on the leadership and controllers on duty. But the media survey found that the runway incursions by public opinion criticized the controller group, under overload condition for a long time, and the salary for three consecutive years down not up, facing a serious shortage of talent. In English there is a word called "the elephant in the room", refers to the existence of those shocking was in a flagrant way ignored, like the room stood an elephant, but all the people are blind to it. In the industry and regulators, the problems of air traffic control industry is typical of the elephant in the room, but in the intrusion events almost led to tragedy of the runway before, no one face "elephant" exists. When ordinary users give praise to avoid controllers on duty dereliction of duty, crash A320 aircraft captain, the industry most want to give the public popularity of the two core facts: first, with the rapid development of civil aviation Chinese, known as the "air traffic controllers" increasingly scarce, with the civil aviation safety pressure line controllers at the same time, often with about a dozen units of dialogue, in recent years the controller in the post extreme fatigue when the incident occurred. Second, air traffic controllers poor treatment, talent gap is more and more prominent contradictions. In recent years, the rapid growth of the aviation industry to allow the airline to earn pours, but only for the salary level controller 15, many experienced controllers have resigned; civil aviation college graduates, has been from the past "first dry air traffic control, to the airport, third to second air division" into "the first to our airlines second, go to the airport, the third to air traffic control". In accordance with the Heinrich safety rules, there are 29 minor accidents behind every serious accident, there are 300 attempted aura and the potential for 1000 accidents. It can be said, "10· 11" event is not one or two air traffic controllers, but exposed face of the entire ATC groups embarrassment, deadly hidden dangers and the rapid growth of the aviation industry Chinese. If you continue to ignore the elephant, the greater the accident may not be far away. It must be emphasized that, pointed out that air traffic controllers work pressure, low salaries, shortage of talent, not to the responsible party from the meaning of events. Civil aviation safety is no small matter, high pressure, low salary not to relax their vigilance, neglect of reason, as long as the offender is to seriously accountable. But at the same time, we don’t want the rapid cooling of the hustle and bustle of public opinion in the simple abuse or praise, again ignoring the real should be discussed and valued hidden dangers. From the 2010 Yichun air crash so far, China has more than 2200 days of safe operation of civil aviation, has created the longest in the history of China’s civil aviation safety cycle. According to the characteristics of aviation safety fluctuation, the probability of accidents at this stage is low and the Civil Aviation Bureau Bulletin shows signs of a serious accident happened last year has been up to 8. Under such a background, any part of the civil aviation industry.相关的主题文章: