All over the world, I love you, Yang Yang, Bai Baihe, the temptation of Sohu ca1816

"The whole world" I love you notice Bai Baihe send lychee temptation Yang Yang Sohu entertainment "litchi I love you" version of the Poster Wall Dong Mao eighteen Litchi Litchi smile Mao eighteen at the railings [Click to enter the HD Photo] Sohu entertainment Zhang Jiajia original screenwriter, director Zhang Yibai’s movie "passing from your world" in September 30th the National Archives released. The film by Deng Chao starring Bai Baihe, Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, guest starred Yue Yunpeng, cuckoo, starring Liu Yan, emotional drama recently issued "litchi I love you" trailer. Bai Baihe played the policewoman flowers "uniform temptation" Yang Yang "a romantic movie" inventor "passing from your world" and recently released "litchi I love you" in the Trailer Trailer, Bai Baihe played a weird, dare to love and hate the policewoman flowers lychee, and this is Yang Yang reverse image plays a "sloppy inventor" Mao eighteen. The story of the two people in the same Deng Chao played in the introduction of the end of Chen, in the trailer, Bai Baihe not only staged "uniform temptation", full street chasing Mao Mao eighteen run, more bold confession, I, beautiful?" "Mao eighteen, I want to be with you!" At the end of eighteen and eighteen capture Mao Mao, "a lifetime of IQ, are in love", from a "no dream inventor" became "to give the best litchi life" good man, two people still in the window warm embrace, "Liao" Dafa angered fans don’t stop screaming. In the trailer, many details of sweet love two people are derived from the original classic plot, impressive. In the original version, as the "engineering Indoorsman" Mao eighteen beloved litchi invented the "special love navigator", in the trailer, navigator two people appeared as a token of love, Mao personally to eighteen vocals: "love navigator litchi lychee, after not afraid, I will be in the navigator, always accompany you, let the reader and Luchi girls envy. While the original touching Mao Daocheng eighteen proposal scene was also a surprise presentation, "in the cloud shadow flickering on the hillside, grassland unlimited soft, Mao eighteen kneeling in front of the girls, said: litchi I love you", even the scene touching, played by Deng Chao in the end Chen secretly wipe tears, when he was Zhang Tianai as a young chicken found after self deprecating fools cry". And the last eighteen Mao was asked: "for a woman, change their life, is it worth it?" When Mao eighteen immediately gave a positive answer: worth, we can see the love of two people is very firm. Romantic story urban fairy tale of love "social hot film lamps and candles of a myriad families" lift "passing from your world" in Sichuan, Chongqing and other places framing, not only to show the Chongqing "Eighteen ladder" and "Jialing River" scenery, but also to show the city’s love to the audience. The exposure of the "I love you" version of the notice is to bring the audience a romantic love story. Brave policewoman flowers confession, love, build a church invented household navigator proposal in the mountains, the two love from acquaintance to scenes are a fairy tale beautiful, really show what is encountered "someone like you" desirable. .相关的主题文章: