All you need to know about Playstation VR xhero

About PlayStation VR you need to know everything after a few months of waiting, PlayStation VR is finally on sale. This is currently the highest cost performance of VR head wearing equipment how? About PS VR you may still have a lot of understanding, the following questions may help you more familiar with PS VR. Gamespot VR in the overall evaluation of PS wrote, "PS VR road has been very hard. Compared with the collocation with high performance PC Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, the PS4 function or too tight. SONY in 2010 with the sale of MOVE controller and camera to match the PS VR, and these two peripherals were originally not designed for PS VR. Through the experience of the past few days, it is indeed some aspects are amazing, there are some deficiencies." What do you need to know about PS VR PlayStation VR? PlayStation VR is SONY launched a VR virtual reality head device, need to cooperate with the use of PS4. Similar to the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, it can achieve stereo 3D display, and let the screen has been in front of you with your movement. With head tracking, it can simulate the depth and orientation in the virtual space. What is VR? A very common mistake is to think that VR is just a combination of Wii action capture and 3D TV, in fact, this statement is not accurate. The purpose of VR is to immerse yourself in a virtual environment, even though your body is not there, but it makes you feel like you are in a virtual place. For example, PS VR of the London Games "robbery" makes you feel like a real experience in highway shootout. What are the basic packages in the PS VR? The basic set PS VR including helmet, cable, stereo headset, junction box (including HDMI splitter), and with a free DEMO cd. What do you need to play PS VR? In addition to PS4, you also need a SONY PlayStation camera. If you want a more complete gaming experience, you also need to buy the PlayStation Move controller. With a camera, you can track your hand position, allowing you to grab objects in a virtual environment. In this year’s E3, SONY has also announced a new gun type controller, with the new "FARPOINT" for demonstration. PS MOVE controller for PS VR, the Move controller is important? SONY claims that almost all of the PlayStation VR games support PS4’s DualShock4 handle, but many of the game experience will be improved on Move. If you want to have a more complete VR experience, it is recommended that you buy Move handle.相关的主题文章: