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Ancelotti: never Barcelona coach Bayern goals won the trophy Ancelotti coached Bayern to prepare for the new season. Harvey Alonso Tto Ancelotti football coached Milan sports Tencent in September 4th Ancelotti, Chelsea (data), Paris Saint Germain and other clubs, but he loves Real Madrid (data). In Spain "Marca" media interview, Italy coach said he never coached Basa (official data) and Atletico Madrid because he respects. This season’s Champions League group phase, Bayern and Ma Jing with a group of German champions last season to be eliminated in revenge, but Ancelotti has avoided using the word of revenge: "did not think of revenge, just hope the game as soon as possible, and Atletico game will be very difficult to beat Simonyi, the team is not easy things. I like this game, exciting, full of tension. I know it’s not going to be easy to beat, even though they have a bad start to the new season, but in the long run it has happened. Of course, I’m looking forward to winning, because both Chelsea and Real Madrid have failed to beat Ma Jing at the end of the season in." In the course of coaching Real Madrid, Ancelotti and Atletico Madrid have played, there are also losing win, he said: "yes, it will be very special to meet them again. The Champions League final victory over Atletico Madrid to help win tenth cups of extraordinary significance, comparable to the first time I led the Champions league. The team was united and confident. But we lost Calderon in 0-4, when the team without Ramos, Pepe, Marcello, Modri and J Ronaldo five starting, the beginning of the game is not smooth, and ultimately to defeat the end, people have mixed feelings." Ancelotti is now the world’s top football coach, he will return to the Spanish coach like Ma Jing, Barcelona this outfit? In this regard, Ancelotti firmly said: "no, I will never teach Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, I respect history, as I am as a Milan fan, will not go to coach inter. Respect is very important, I respect Atletico Madrid and Barcelona, but I will not coach them, I coach Real Madrid for two seasons, I must respect real madrid." For Atletico, Ancelotti said: "this team has not only Griezmann, they are very well organised, competitive, defense, attack, set pieces are good, they are not a person in the team, but stressed that the whole team and every time I played against Atletico will encounter the difficulties. Ma Jing is one of the six teams to win the Champions League and they are in the finals for the two time. I have no doubt that they have the title." Bayern under the leadership of Guardiola for the three season into the semi-finals of the Champions League, but failed to win, what is Ancelotti took over after the goal? He admitted: "to win the championship, the team before the game, there are some details, we will try to reach the best state, our goal is obviously to win the Champions league." (Gerd)相关的主题文章: