Angel Eyes For Your Rides

Automobiles The market for vehicle alteration is growing rapidly in todays hi-tech world. An alteration brings in more style to your ride and improves your vehicles performance. There are now hundreds of small and big .panies ready to alter your ride to give it a better look and feel. One of the most popular but simplest alterations for a ride is installing angel eyes. Angel eyes are an additional fitting to a rides headlights to improve their style as well as lighting. Angel eyes are available for almost all luxury, performance cars like BMW, Audi, Nissan, Camaro and are even good for super bikes too. Angel eyes give a mesmerizing look for the headlights of your ride making it look cool and at the same time without loss of brightness. Now why are these beautiful headlight accessory called angel eyes? The reason is they are shaped like halos, the ones you can find over the heads of beautiful angels. Angel eyes were first introduced by BMW in its E36 5 series in the year 2001 and .e out as a standard accessory. What aftermarket .panies do is modifying these lights to look better and in different colors. May be it is because BMW introduced them first, modified angel eyes are used mostly for BMW cars. But of course they look superb in other cars and bikes as well. There are a lot of aftermarket .panies in the market making angel eyes to make your ride look more stylish. Given below are two popular types of angel eyes available in the market. 1. Predator Orion v2 with night controller technology One outstanding feature of these angel eyes are that you can control the output of the rings at night, amazing, right? It has a 60 led array with 10000 mcd LEDs. The LEDs are surface mounted and have 175 degrees output. It .es with poly carbonate UV coated rings, 100k hours battery life with a remote fade on / fade off. It is one of the most modern angel eyes available in the market. 2. Genesis angel eyes for E92 and E60 LCI with integrated color enhancement – this product gives a brighter white and more halo output. It has got an aluminum body with 4 high power LEDs. It is a 4 direction draw bar device with high voltage stabilization and can be used in all H8 BMW eyes. It is designed so as to prevent any radio interference despite the increased number of LEDs. The .pany assures a lifespan of 100000 hours. It will take only an hour or less to install and you dont have to remove the head light to install it If you are looking for an accessory for your automobile which is simple and at the same time eye catching, the best available option is Angel lights. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: