Anhui 15 Almighty God to teach the mother daughter pulled into the church members

Anhui 15 Almighty God to teach the mother daughter into the church members jailed for pulling the original title: Anhui 15 Almighty God to teach members jailed for a daughter was pulled into the mother cult an online news according to market star news making reactionary video, disinformation to confuse people, even no one…… This is the Almighty God to teach the cult of the main characteristics of its members obsessed with cult activities, to give up the responsibility for the family and get along with their families. In November 1st, the market star, Anhui financial network reporter to follow the provincial anti cult association staff came to Huainan, for readers uncover our province together to destroy the Almighty God cult case. Her mother was pulled into the Almighty God cult, I do not believe that the Almighty God, it almost killed me." In front of the judge, was transformed into a 27 year old woman after awakening regret. Three years ago, she was affected by the mother of a child, to participate in Almighty God cult activities to help mothers prepare anti science, anti social, anti human cult theory, and to help transfer cult illegal goods. A 51 year old child, Anhui, Dingyuan, is almighty God cult Huainan District, the person in charge, but also the first defendant in this case. She is in charge of the area of the Almighty God cult members are their relatives and friends, among them, there are two pairs of mothers and daughters and two couples, other personnel as fellow relationship. The name of these people, by posing as Christian, deception to confuse people, amass wealth, promote the cult doctrine. The cult Almighty God cult leader Zhao Weishan instructions, in order to achieve the purpose of anti party and anti government organization, illegal video crew, fabricating facts, making public security police violence law enforcement and other reactionary video, pick out public relations to brainwash people, serious damage to social security and stability. Reporters saw from their director shooting video, two men posing as police wearing a "cult from the market to buy fake police uniforms, of an almighty God cult beat. 2014, the police will be arrested, such as a child, such as 15. Cult members often rally from captured brainwashed cult personnel, Almighty God cult in recent years, the development of members of the young people to a high degree of talons quietly, about twenty young women members in this case, junior and senior high school education universal, individual members of the university culture level. The cult also encourages some believers engaged in individual business activities, profits are paid as part of the proceeds, to honor the Almighty God they worship Zhao Weishan. In order to achieve the believers thought control, in addition to the gospel deacon, watering deacon and so on believers brainwashing, also requires believers monthly to participate in the so-called "spirituality", self analysis, writing mentality to exchange experiences. The contact assembly is extremely secretive, the use of communication tools to exchange code. The rally theme is for believers brainwashing, take only the letter of "God" and "God" and "God", to maintain the interests of the "God" loyalty, to get the "God" of the shelter and care. 15 people were jailed for the first defendant was sentenced to 5 years, according to investigators, during the investigation, these from the spiritual cult cult personnel generally exhibit a Philippines相关的主题文章: