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Apple no longer publish iPhone first week sales of Bloomberg: China converting technology Sohu – Sohu sold new technology Wenwang Xue Ying iPhone you love? At least, foreigners worry that Chinese people don’t like it. The end of September 9th, Apple’s autumn conference in less than 2 days, Bloomberg published an article called "the new iPhone converting spray in Chinese". The most embarrassing is that Apple also said it would cancel the announced iPhone 7 shipments of the first week of the habit – this is how much self-confidence it? As the world’s most valuable company, every year Apple wants to use a new generation of iPhone and a fire, and China is the overseas market in the most willing to join in the area. But unlike in previous years, this year’s iPhone 7 seems to be less popular in china. Bloomberg pointed out that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus without SE and 5C price advantage, re design and color, there is no "shocking" – no highlights, how to let others know what to buy is the latest and greatest mobile phone? Upgraded dual camera and processor, battery life longer capacity, new waterproof and dustproof…… Are these really attractive? In 2014, iPhone sold 6 Apple sent a China intelligent mobile phone for the top spot, but since then, HUAWEI and OPPO and other local brands to rise rapidly, make full use of the apple strict unified design and time difference of weakness, such as launch a fast charge, large memory, dual card dual standby function to attract consumers. Obviously, apple chess trick. "The color and waterproof and is not really big, (this approach) will only reduce the US (to iPhone) is expected to wonder whether Apple can give us a good customer experience, whether it can provide new and transformative new technology" in this regard, IDC said they found in the conventional investigation. Most retailers say iPhone iPhone is hard to achieve 6 record, to keep up with iPhone 6S and 6S Plus sales. Of course, even years can still look forward to it — a new iteration of iPhone in general will have a big update their. "The fact is, they really have no good enough to continue to play a leading position — no innovation, even the upgrade is very small" Bloomberg believes that Chinese market for many years to promote the overall performance of apple, but as the most important to strengthen the China — the economic slowdown and the regulation of the local intelligent machine brand high price rise, so Apple’s life is not easy. In 2016 Q2 Apple China market share has dropped to fifth, Greater China (including Hongkong and Taiwan) revenue fell by 33%. Although emerging markets such as India’s presence is also growing, but the market share from the point of view, is still a part of China apple can not give up, and this part is not only from the revenue from the service. For this reason, Apple will upgrade to upgrade the old service to the Chinese market. Volatile flavors lurk iP"相关的主题文章: