Are Low Cost Domain Names Any Good-autobots

There are two levels of domain names, top level and second level. 1. Top level domain names are broke down into .yourdomainname of the site, followed, .org, .co ect. 2. Second level domains are broke down by the name of the site, followed by .com, followed by the name of the next level provider. Here is an example of a second level domain; .yourdomainname../yourprovidername… What happens is that when a site is hosted by a service provider both parties share the domain name. The owner is in the first part of the address, while the provider is in the ending address following the … Really there isn’t a problem with this type of domain name except for the fact of the stigma that is sometimes placed on second level domains. Another draw back is that some cheap to free domain name hosting .panies require you to sign up for a hosting plan in order to get your cheap prices. This is not always a bad thing though, if you get the domain name at a cheap or free price along with the domain hosting, you may have just saved yourself some time and we all know that time is money! Tips for buying domain names: 相关的主题文章: