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As a young and frivolous love, to be together forever, "Sina public concern micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: reading the classic bearish, is not to miss each other every hour and moment! As you know, everything will be clear of the way the figure had gone, you seek a can have fear dependent arms elsewhere, not only willing to open their own hands, because you understand even if you do not let go or not go back in time, has been for a long time long ago put you apart, you have been a departure time brand mark, even if you no matter how hard you would not go back, your story is over! You were so hard to love, you have a lifetime you will think that this is the only, you will feel when you are old, you can also grey-haired holding each other’s hands together to see the sunrise and sunset, still lingering in the ear with each other has never been eroded when light sweet, you each other can accompany old…… Each other accompanied by the old but all everything will be slowly changing with time. What time do you find your words less, seems to have only in addition to the usual exchange exchange, you return to the mundane reality inside from love world inside. Sweet scanty, seems to be the other no longer need sweet words, and you know you are in the opposite direction to walk, you will understand that one day you will lose the direction of the real, but you just don’t know how to go back to the past that kind of feeling…… Now in retrospect, the original time is because all too young, do you think this lifetime love is with vigour and vitality, love you like a plague of escape, but you do not know love will be with vigour and vitality under the baptism of time becomes commonplace, so you probably felt very sad but you gave up…… As a young and frivolous love, to be together forever let you know all the time, but you can’t go back, because of the lost things even if the back is not complete, so you choose to put each other in heart, bless each other each other. You know after the experience, you will find a man who can accompany their life to the deep whitehead…… (photo from panorama) more exciting content to pay attention to @ Sina women (micro-blog)相关的主题文章: