Aunt playing push palm was broken down by the friends of the dance caused fracture claims 100 thousa yo te amo

Aunt playing push was down fracture dance friends claim 100 thousand original title: down fracture dance friends claim 100 thousand Beijing morning news (reporter Yan Fei) 60 year old Ms. Jiang and square dance dance friends Ms. Gao play push, the other was put down on the floor, leading to vertebral fractures. To this end, she will sue Ms. Gao to the court, claims for medical expenses and mental damages totaling more than 10 yuan. Recently, the Tongzhou court has accepted the case. According to Ms. Jiang said, the morning of May 2nd this year, the city of Tongzhou District to her eight Park ready to jump dancing, but the weather is not good, no one room, Ms. Gao before dancing know people to play together push forward two. In the process of pushing the palm, Ms. Jiang felt the other side too hard, to remind her too much strength, the voice just fell, he was pushed to the ground. Ms. Jiang asked the defendant to call an ambulance, but the other side only hit a car to her home. After the diagnosis of four cases of lumbar vertebral compression fractures and hospitalized for three days, is still in recovery. Because of physical reasons, she is not competent to bring their children, the family had to please nanny. And his wife to take care of their own tired, the body from herpes. Because the defendant insisted on solving the medical expenses through litigation, ms.. Currently, the case is under further investigation. Editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: