B Chairman China will become the world’s largest animation market in the future-running man 20130908

B Chairman: China will become the world’s largest animation market in recent years, Chinese animation industry in the rapid development of the market, a large number of talents and resources to the industry "outlet" continue to gather, accompanied by the two dimension industry is rapid popular". Held in the day before the "two dimensional culture salon, Bilibili (" B ") chairman Chen Rui predicted that China will become the world’s largest animation market in the future, will be at least 500 billion yuan annual output value of the scale. For example, Chen Rui nearly two years of rapid rise in diffuse fine: "the first sponsor Bilibili is" one hundred thousand words "cold; a fire last year the" return "of the original MV fans was also once in B station is above submission, all B stand above animation enthusiasts soon formed a reputation." Chen Rui believes that the early accumulation of domestic animation to create a long period of the initial results of the past two years, but in the future, China’s two dimensional market will achieve a win-win economic and cultural. It is reported that in the animation big country Japan, the animation industry annual output value of about 500 billion yuan, more than the steel, automobile and other heavy industry, become the pillar industry of the third. In this regard, Chen Rui said that in China, due to the huge advantages of the consumer population, the future is likely to create the world’s largest animation market, as well as the largest consumer of culture. This also means that the future of China in this area, the annual output value will go beyond Japan, reaching an annual output value of 500 billion yuan scale. When the Chinese animation market will usher in the outbreak, Chen Rui said: there is the capacity of the market, infrastructure is enough, and now is the best time, we are waiting for the arrival of the ‘masters’. I predict that within 35 years, China will be able to affect the world’s animation works."相关的主题文章: