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Baby sleeping children learn to have a little noise better? Did not do you may regret the death of the mother of the Sohu, said the original, reproduced please mark the source whether we have such an experience: the more worried that the baby was awakened, the baby is easier to wake up? Why do some children are learning or class heard a slight noise to look around, can’t concentrate? Finland scientists in "science" magazine published a study, they found that sleep in infants are not disturbed, on the contrary, the baby can sleep by listening to the voice of the outside world to learn. Do they give in two groups: group A: this experiment repeated two different vowels in 1 hours of sleep; group B: repeat two vowels with the same A group in 5 hours of sleep. When the baby woke up, the B group reacted differently to two different vowel sounds, while the A group had no such response. Scientists say babies who spend more time listening to vowels have learned to distinguish between different sounds in their sleep. They speculate that it is often possible to speak or play in a baby’s sleep, allowing them to master the language earlier. Think about the baby still in the belly, as the parent of the baby’s body in a variety of voices outside in the night, but the belly baby sleep less, every day with their normal routine, rapid brain development. Why do some babies seem to wake up easily? No baby comfortable being spoiled, quiet sleep, sleep sleep unless it is just finished, otherwise it is not easy to be disturbed. The children said that easily awakened the physical discomfort or gastrointestinal discomfort of the baby, such as colic, indigestion, hungry, wet, shit, the baby itself has been in will always wake up sleepy, so parents don’t just produce what noise causes the baby woke up and guilt. During the day the baby is asleep, of deliberately "little noise" better results that scientists like Finland, the development of the external sound to stimulate baby’s brain development and language ability, so we can play in the baby sleep during the day, the suitable volume of music, such as folk songs, music, etc., or to the baby reading stories and poems, let the baby’s little head to accept the baptism of the sound, like a small sapling to absorb nutrients, the baby is not only due to sound accompany sleep more soundly safe and fast for brain growth. To the child after a little older, learning without deliberately providing zero noise environment habits of children in the quiet environment will be critical of the environment, the family provides zero noise, will affect the child’s normal learning and growth. Because the outside world is full of all kinds of voices that are not for family members, even if the classroom, the library is no exception. Accustomed to the quiet environment at home, a little voice can distract the child’s attention, and even affect the child’s mood, leading to mood irritability, long-term, will affect the child’s growth. Therefore, it is best for parents in the primary school children, let them develop immunity to noise, not only conducive to the child’s ability to resist interference,!相关的主题文章: