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Baoji Tomb Raider: memories of hearing dog ran into the tomb –   Shaanxi channel — original title: Baoji Tomb Raider: memories of hearing dog ran into the tomb of this new semester soon, son in high school with a "Tomb notes" home. Qishan old man readily turned over a few pages, put the book aside. In fact, the 15 year old son don’t think, father worked for nearly 20 years of tomb raider. In 2006, the old skin was arrested and sentenced to ten years in the tomb excavation. In a few years, for reasons of old skin health care. During this period, he realized that not only grave crimes, and violation of human relations, and began to update the face from the soul of self redemption. Guo Jianming, President of Baoji cultural and creative association, and many years ago and old acquaintance. Guo Jian had said he only knew the old skin is a collection of antique folk from the farmers, but there are a few times on the cultural relics in chat, old skin knowledge and insights of the cultural relics surprised him. Later, the old skin for reconstruction, he knew that the old skin is a tomb. Guo Jianming said he had a writing plan, the future should be about the story of the original tomb area to write down a week, is a wonderful documentary novel, the story of the old skin is a chapter in the novel he. As a "rich" and dig into the tomb Tomb of the old skin of this business in 1988, when he had just graduated from junior high school, with some young people in the village of mixed community. Qishan is a famous bronze home, where the black market heritage trade was rampant. Old skin is still small leather. A black market in 14th Five-Year at the age of cultural relics that he began to can’t sleep sleep, because he saw a local old man will be two yellow pot eight thousand yuan to sell a cantonese. "We were a small hotel near the Lee County for many foreigners, mostly to the collection of cultural relics." Old leather memories. 1988, a worker’s wages in January will be about 100 yuan. A migrant workers do a day to live, it will earn six or seven yuan. Two Chinese can sell eight thousand yuan, deeply stimulated had left the community of small leather. At that time, also said million households, the equivalent of a man into a quasi million households overnight." So the old skin began to enter this business every day, and a few peers around looking for "baby". The first is the first station in Qishan County, a place called dongpo. Because the legend here was the ancient battlefield, after heavy rain often ancient things were washed out, local farmer labor, often dug out, including bronze artifacts. A few people discussed here, that can find relics, so every night and went to the field to dig, dig a half a month for nothing. The old skin first in the tomb was dug in the fall of 1989, a friend said in a village of cave side Yangxing people have reason to see the ancient tomb, brick. So in a few people with It’s raining and blowing hard. night, sneaked into the top of the cave a spade Jue Yang, holding a hoe digging. When the hole dug to about one meter deep, the dog suddenly cried…… The first tomb is thus ended in failure. After a few years old skin nothing, decided to change the food. A few years later, the old skin has a certain savings. One day, an acquaintance)相关的主题文章: