Battle and Teana Teana sing Jedi Yang Kun cover Li Yuchun’s swing – Beijing-w-inds.

"Battle" and "Teana Teana sing" Jedi Yang Kun cover Li Yuchun’s swing – Beijing, Beijing, November 13, the Sunday night 21 o’clock, the Oriental TV new large original music challenge program Haitian sauce "sounds of nature" battle will usher in the fifth world war. In the first phase of the program, three angels sing "Fei Yuqing, Hua Chenyu and Gary have lost to the amateur challenger, only Karen Mok to break the deadlock, become the only stick in the top star singer. Therefore, the "Teana sing" and "Jedi" again Baotuan upgrade, adapted for stranded each other to learn, also adapted for 24 hours in a bold attempt to add more elements to their game pieces. Especially to join the new X will sing Jeff Chang, although the "new", but have a challenge, adaptation of Dao Lang’s classic "the first snow of 2002". As the only undefeated goddess ", Karen Mok is the honor to release a large move, brought the world’s only unique cheats". "Angels sing" ready, will give the audience a different kind of upgrade experience. "Sounds to sing" Karen Mok, Fei Yuqing, Yang Kun, Hua Chenyu, Jeff Chang Karen Mok and Fei Yuqing "artifact appearance actually inferior in four period, Karen Mok has been standing on the top of the unbeaten Teana, but let the players have difficulties, opt to challenge Karen Mok. In the face of the challenges of music, Karen Mok pressure as a driving force, every time very seriously. For the interpretation of the song, she tried to break through the self, to bring the audience a sense of freshness. This time, Karen Mok once again upgraded his music armed". Karen Mok on the stage, full of energy, a fluffy curly hair, wearing a metal armor color cloak and black boots, charming and domineering. People can not help but sigh, goddess of the appearance of a very innovative style each time. Surprise more than that, the performance of songs to a half, Karen Mok also handsome cloak behind, a BLACK BODYSUIT, and come up with the one and only the artifact caused by the performance, the audience exclaimed. The song "Mo for having heard it many times, adding" rock elements, new interpretation makes the audience immersed in Karen Mok’s performance. Under the stage, "evergreen" Fei Yuqing is not by the performance of the fusion of the highly infected by Karen Mok, could not help but sing a little. He was Karen Mok’s interpretation of "generation" stunning, repeatedly praised: "I love songs in the modern sense of Karen added, that her very deep." The different age star singers by singing exchanges in Taiwan, also let the audience easily enjoy the versatility of the music, feel the atmosphere of national singing. However, while preparing for the amateur Challenger feel the pressure, not to challenge Karen Mok’s players can get the audience more popular style, won the variety goddess? Yang Kun without fear of winning Li Yuchun. A zoom trick decompression exposure: the secret of fitness inspiration? After a truce after the battle of Yang Kun, fifth state is very ideal. Back to the first, two games, Yang Kun nervous to sleep, full of thinking about music adaptation. Now, Yang Kun is on the stage: "because the self deprecating humor.相关的主题文章: