Bear children playing on the roof of the police rescue people fly over the walls wit snacks-masa-c

Bear children playing on the roof of police rescue snacks wit fly over the walls of a factory in Ningbo recently, Zhenhai Jiaochuan streets employees at work, heard an eerie sound of the roof, out of a startled look, to climb up a four or five year old boy is framed on the ceiling, at any time may fall. The situation is very dangerous. After the discovery, the factory staff immediately reported to the police. Jiaochuan police station rushed to the scene and found the little boy’s steel roof from the ground about 2 meters high. "When the little boy walked around in a frame on the ceiling, see someone close to go back a little, a little while and poked his head out to see." Jiaochuan police station Fan Jie said. Police worry that if you go directly to save the little boy, he is likely to be due to psychological conflicts and accidents. For a time, the situation becomes very difficult. At this time, the police thought of a way: "the child is generally a little bit of resistance to strangers, but the opposite is true of snacks, so I went to the store to buy a loaf of bread." Fan Jie said, he had to buy bread, in the factory staff to lead down to a small corner, from the 45 degree angle of the inclined roof climb, carefully close to the little boy, talking with him, and took the bread into the hands of the little boy. "The little boy was very alert at first, and when he saw the bread, he leaned slowly toward me." Fan Jie said, watching the little boy relax vigilance, Fan Jie a hug he saved it. Subsequently, the police informed the little boy of the family, on the same day, he will be back. After understanding, the little boy surnamed Tao, father went out to work during the day, usually by the grandmother to take care of. The day of the incident, because of a busy no time to take care of grandma, Xiao Tao climbed up to play on the steel roof. Fortunately, the police arrived, the successful escape.相关的主题文章: