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Beijing property market "9? 30 before the new deal" full moon trading volume plummeted 40% – Sohu news 2016 National Day holiday, Beijing real estate developers and real estate intermediary in the highly anticipated "silver ten" the arrival of Beijing City, but released in September 30th the property market (hereinafter referred to as the "9? 30 deal") but let the market parties be taken by surprise. After the new deal, most industry experts believe that the Beijing property market turnover will be inevitable. As of yesterday, 9, the new deal after the publication of the full month of 30. According to the Hao Jun Yue statistical data show that as of October 30th, Beijing commercial housing (excluding low-income housing and housing a total turnover of 8508 sets of the month), last month decreased by 41%, while the volume also hit a nearly 5 month low. The house agency deputy general manager Ren Qixin told the "Securities Daily" reporter analysis, the new market demand differentiation, a small part is already locked intent listings or for marriage, children’s education and other specific reasons for buying groups, continue to purchase; while the other most of the demand is not urgent the group chose to wait and see. Some of the old buy new improved demand, due to sell the old link difficult to sell at the expected price, but also to buy a new home plan was forced to postpone. The differentiation of demand makes the new deal after the rapid decline in trading volume, while the latter is expected to hold a wait-and-see attitude of buyers will continue to increase, before and after the Spring Festival in Beijing bridal market purchase intention will also drop to freezing stage. From the market supply, the new Beijing residential market pre-sale permit in October only 9 new projects, the sale of 2965 units, a decrease of 64%, the supply created in addition to February monthly low, the lack of supply of the October turnover is difficult to continue. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei told reporters, Beijing "9? 30 new" effect, net signed data in November to reflect fully the policy result, prices are expected to Beijing four quarter growth will be slowing down, and in the large supply from the housing, some areas prices are likely to adjust. Ren Qixin also said that the next year with a new batch of housing policies such as real estate products into the market, and the subsequent housing projects have limited supply, the estimated total market supply will gradually recover, at the same time, the property market of the product form, the price system will also be new changes.相关的主题文章: