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Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway air battle: Airlines fares drop high iron 3 years back to the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway 1318 km air battle at the end of August last weekend, the end of the summer vacation to the Beijing South Railway Station to become crowds, the media reported that day about 150 thousand people arrived in Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway passenger growth significantly. The flow of students, tourist flow, business flow superposition, let passenger railway Shuyun 62 days up to 550 million passengers, Shanghai Railway Bureau to send the amount of Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is located at the other end of the summer break million mark. Home in Nanjing, living and working in Beijing Zhou Qian is a regular passenger on the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, she had found a good friend in the circle of friends in the WeChat after half an hour on a train trip. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway every day to open 90 pairs of trains, the shortest time of 5 minutes, so that the probability of such a coincidence is not low. Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway since 2011 opening has been transported more than 450 million passengers, the total profit of $6 billion 660 million in 2015, a time known as the world’s most profitable high-speed rail". This connection Beijing and Shanghai two super metropolis of the 1318 km rail, is so far the largest investment, the longest mileage of high-speed rail. From the proposed to open to traffic after 28 years, not only it is full of stories. Even those who need to use it as a monthly commuter car, in the contribution of 6 billion, but also carries more travel memory. 24 hours and 4 hours in 2006 ten years ago, a university in Beijing Zhou Qian first winter vacation, homesick and rushed back to Nanjing, but just grab a train ticket from Beijing to Nanjing, sat for 24 hours: not comfortable seat, crowded car, thick smoke and choking the sultry. Midway, she pushed her way through the dense crowd Washroom seam to the door, only to find Washroom completely into the crowd, had to return to the way seat. Since then, she no longer dare to drink water, eat. This 24 hours, Zhou Qian became the most profound memories of the train. Five years later, in June 30, 2011, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway opened. The same day, when he was a portal travel editor Ji Ke, had the honor to visit and take the first train. High speed rail is very long and very thin, with the general motor car is not the same, there is a quick start outside the passenger photo." Ji Ke recalls, at that time the media and ordinary travelers like new things on this curious observation: luggage space is more spacious than the EMU, similar aircraft first-class cabin seat, diapers and for the first time in the China train appeared, flight attendants dressed more like airline stewardess. The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway opened five years later, according to the latest 2016 "5, 15" railway operation chart, from 6 to 39-19 to 00, from the ShangHai HongQiao Railway Station Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway train 42 times a day, an average of less than 19 minutes on the train trip is issued, the shortest interval only 5 minutes; the slowest time 6 8 G1, the fastest time only 4:48, for the whole 7 hours shorter than the emu. As for Zhou Qian, who settled in Beijing after graduation, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway is the most convenient to run around in Nanjing, the mother of: "a reservation on the phone, after four hours, the parents will talk about相关的主题文章: