Beijing Tourism Commission to respond to the landscape stone graffiti or included in the credit reco-antik

Beijing Tourism Commission responded by landscape stone graffiti: or is included in the credit records of new network – in the newspaper news (reporter Zhao Tingting) from the beginning of 15, a condemned garden uncivilized behavior of the post caused widespread concern. "Chen Zhicheng" three words are in red handwriting graffiti, painted in Fangshan guaishishan ten scenic landscape stone, many netizens condemned the uncivilized behavior, and seek the graffiti clues award. At present, Fangshan District Zhoukou Town Tourism Service Center has been sent for washing. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Tourism Committee, for the exposure of the tourists uncivilized behavior, scenic spots and the local authorities will further verify, if true, will be based on the current tourism laws and regulations for its treatment, Beijing is developing the "Interim Measures" tourism is not the behavior of management, the future of civilization this kind of behavior of tourists will be included in the credit records, and external publicity. At the end of May this year, the National Tourism Administration issued the "National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim Measures", will determine the visitors nine acts included in the blacklist". In the future, the tourism uncivilized behavior record will be established, the State Council department in charge of tourism will be established at the national level, the provincial tourism administrative departments can set up the administrative area of uncivilized records. "Tourism uncivilized behavior record information include: the uncivilized behavior of the name, gender, household registration provinces; impact and consequences caused by specific performance, uncivilized behavior uncivilized behavior; recording period of uncivilized behavior. Tourism uncivilized behavior records to implement dynamic management, information preservation period of 1 to 5 years. Tourism uncivilized behavior of parties in violation of the criminal law, the information stored for a period of 3 years to 5 years; tourism uncivilized behavior of the parties subject to administrative punishment or judgment of the court responsible for the information stored for a period of 2 years to 4 years; tourism uncivilized behavior is not legal punishment, but cause serious social impact, information preservation period 1 to 3 years. As of September this year, the total number of people involved in the National Tourism uncivilized behavior record 20. Among them, in February this year, the Beijing tour guide tourists abuse Wang Yao is the first to be included in the tourism uncivilized behavior record tourism practitioners. In addition, according to the new travel agency regulations (revised draft manuscript), visitors if there is a serious uncivilized behavior in the future flight or outbound travel may be limited. In Mount Huangshan Village: plans to patrol double BYD reporters last night to contact Mount Huangshan village Fangshan District high director, he usually in charge of village tourism, said guaishishan scenic graffiti this matter, he was very angry. According to the director, so many years the first time encountered such a thing, "we go when dealing with other tourists also very indignant, they called for tourists, humiliating." He explained that the graffiti is the focus of the landscape painting on the mountains, are some of the iconic stones, are usually very popular tourist attractions. In addition, the area is relatively large, a font often 30 cm long. "When I checked up the hill, it was bigger than my palm". In addition, the distribution of a wide range of Tu Wei相关的主题文章: