Beijing – VIDEO – Meng Fei back Fukuoka auditions to edge to If You Are The One in Chinese

Beijing – VIDEO – Meng Fei back Fukuoka auditions "to" edge to If You Are The One in Japan Chinese service Meng Fei back Fukuoka auditions "willing to" edge to If You Are The One in Chinese service [comment] Jiangsu TV "to" Japan Kyushu special If You Are The One margin and Meng Fei fans will meet the auditions held in Fukuoka in September 11th. Kyushu International sightseeing Plaza KISS. Show host Meng Fei, Huang Lan and the program’s chief producer, with more than 400 Chinese and foreign tourists on the scene to communicate with the scene, the atmosphere is quite hot and warm in the field of the exchange of the world’s most popular, and more than. Chinese Consul General in Fukuoka He Zhenliang said, "show" edge to If You Are The One out of Jiangsu, out of Chinese, towards the world, today came to Japan, provides an understanding of Chinese think, think the opportunity for more Japanese friends. During the same period, the Chinese Consul General in Fukuoka, He Zhenliang, they can find their own life through this platform, the other half. In addition, I think it is more important that they can through this platform to strengthen the horizontal linkages between each other, but also through this activity, so that the Japanese society, to understand our Chinese and overseas students. To enable them to better integrate into the Japanese society, to contribute to the future of Sino Japanese friendship. [comment] Japanese media corporation’s "Mandarin Oriental Daily News" director Sun Ran, in the days of single men and women for "special" Japan If You Are The One edge to audition with great enthusiasm. Since its inception in July 15th, more than 400 people have signed up. The enthusiasm of the audience in Fukuoka to host Meng Fei was quite surprised. [] over the edge to If You Are The One presenter Meng Fei this program in the overseas Chinese influence was much bigger than we imagine, we focus on the program of overseas Chinese, is not completely functional requirements, those people are not because of the need to find the object to see our program, but they are through this program, see more changes to the domestic, domestic young people in their lives. [interpretation] edge to be the one, Meng Fei, director of the total producer Wang Gang, comments guests Huang Lan at the scene by the way of interaction with the audience. Huang Lan said that he was often moved by the scene of the stage was moved. For the audience to question the authenticity of the program, she said, the show is true. The total program producer Wang Gang said, "show" edge to If You Are The One is planning to launch a special concert in Japan after the end of the recording, will launch a big reversal of male and female guests. In the special edition of Taiwan, 24 female guests will all change for men, this change was dubbed the "welfare to the ladies". "Fate" to Japan by Jiangsu TV special If You Are The One "If You Are The One" edge to the program group and Japan Mandarin media’s "Oriental Daily News" CO produced broadcast programs will be recorded in Nanjing in November, December in Jiangsu TV broadcast. Japan special guests recruitment auditions activities are planned in Osaka, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Tokyo. (the Japan Fukuoka report)相关的主题文章: