Beijing village cadres in collusion with the corruption of land acquisition, one person has a robber stellarium

Beijing village cadres corruption and collusion one land requisition with robbery record original title: at the end of a single village cadres forged corruption land JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) moved to the bottom with blank, fill in the name of his mother is on the "grape", "Fuji" and other fruit trees, Zhang Shan Ying Town Yanqing District Camp village cadres Liu village, the town with the relevant cadres, corruption and national land acquisition, more than 41 yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, 44 year old Liu was convicted of corruption and sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years. At the same time, to help Liu Goulian town government leaders, the 46 year old East Village Party branch deputy secretary Zhao was from corruption 200 thousand yuan was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Village leaders colluded with the state compensation of corruption is understood, Zhang Shan Ying Zhen Xia Ying Cun Yanqing district a total of 2000 acres of land, more than 1 thousand villagers. According to the Yanqing District procuratorate accused, since the beginning of 2010, the Beijing Electric Power Company in Yanqing Zhang Shan Ying Town pilot construction of smart grid, which occupy a part of the land the town camp village. In December 27, 2010, Xia Ying Village, Beijing Electric Power Company, Zhang Shan Ying Town government 3 party signed a land contract, by the Beijing Electric Power Company of Yanqing power supply company (hereinafter referred to as the Yanqing power supply company) the compensation to Zhang Shanying counted by the town government, Zhang Shan Ying Town Government coordination and supervision of the village buildings on the land and compensation. The town government set up a working group on the ground to identify the species, quantity and measurement of the village. At that time, the deputy director of the office of economic development of the town government a (other), Yanqing District Landscaping Bureau Zhang Shan Ying Zhang (handled separately) forestry workstation staff were ground survey team members. Yanqing District procuratorate accused, at the end of 2010 to early 2011, the survey team checked the Xia Ying Cun ground, the village Party branch deputy secretary Liu to get compensation, the use of a collusion, responsible for recording and facilitate statistical summary of bottom single, in a single sign on the space provided on the floor the mother’s name, by a write "grape", "Fuji" and other species, forged a false, impersonator Zhang Shan Ying Town Government issued land compensation 61 yuan. Among them, Liu was more than 41 yuan, when a certain amount of $200 thousand. In another case of crime by the Yanqing District procuratorate accused, Liu also please the east gate when he was the Deputy Secretary of the village Party branch Zhen Ying Zhao to help find the town’s third survey team leader Zhang, contribute to the land compensation impersonator, "things well, it can’t lose you and Zhang, Liu a tell zhao. Zhao found Zhang said, you give more points, then you get points." In the lead group census check Liu family belongs to the "Xiao Yan", Liu false number, the grape tree species and specifications, falsely claimed 750 thousand yuan compensation. January 20, 2012, Zhao will be playing their own 200 thousand yuan transferred to Zhang; in August 8, 2012, Liu and Zhao Zhao to $200 thousand. Deputy Secretary of the village had been involved in the crime of robbery Yanqing court hearing the case. Face charges, Liu, Zhao Moujun did not raise objections, and voluntarily pleaded guilty in court. Nobunari相关的主题文章: