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Beijing will build 3 to 5 Municipal Industrial Innovation Center, local leaders — original title: Beijing will build 3 to 5 Municipal Industrial Innovation Center in Beijing will be built 3 to 5 Municipal Industrial Innovation Center, and explore the way for the elastic transfer, strengthen land protection of high-tech industries. Recently, vice mayor Sui Zhenjiang led ninth inspection teams to Daxing District, the City Economic Information Committee of Zhongguancun administrative committee, Beijing economic and Technological Development Zone industrial structural adjustment steady growth efficiency were the focus of supervision work. This year, the industrial economy overall steady progress in the city". January to August, the city’s above scale industrial added value grew by 2.9%, compared with January to July to improve by 0.7 percentage points, higher than the annual target of 0.9 percentage points, the growth rate for the next six months. Daxing, Yizhuang and other key areas of industrial growth was higher than the average level of the city. Steady growth in the same time, the industrial structure is constantly optimized. From the production perspective, from January to August over the scale of modern manufacturing industry grew by 9.4%, higher than the industry growth rate of 6.5 percentage points, to automobile and medicine as the representative of the high-end industry has become the main driving force of economic growth in the industrial city. From the efficiency point of view, from January to July the scale of modern manufacturing profits rose by 24.2%, accounting for nearly half of the city’s industrial profits. From the perspective of investment, industrial investment further tilted to the sophisticated field. Sui Zhenjiang proposed to accelerate the development and growth of high-tech industry, continue to promote the Chinese aviation engine headquarters, the new energy automotive technology park, Ted Health Industrial Park, 12 inches SMIC IC production line and a number of high-grade floor construction project, actively encourage and support enterprises to carry out technological transformation and upgrading. Focus graphene, car networking, intelligent hardware and other fields, choose to build 3 to 5 municipal industrial innovation center. Industry vitality depends on mechanism innovation to activate. Sui Zhenjiang proposed to do strong high-tech fund, to promote the new establishment of new energy vehicles and a number of sub funds, timely start PE equity investment fund and project equity investment fund set up to work. In addition, to explore the way for the elastic transfer, speed up the transformation and upgrading of new stock of industrial land use mechanism, accelerate the adjustment of the industrial layout, strengthen land protection of high-tech industries. Sophisticated, high energy consumption and high pollution back. Sui Zhenjiang said, should be based on the strategic positioning of the capital city, continuing to promote industrial functional ease. Attention to the sewage enterprises, firmly stick to the use of small coal stove, smoke, fugitive emissions of small businesses, small workshops, the effective integration of law enforcement resources and environmental protection, industry and commerce, urban management, land planning, public security and other departments, strengthen coordination linkage and joint law enforcement, multi pronged. (reporter Sun Qiru) (Wang Xing and Xu Donger: commissioning editor)相关的主题文章: