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Billion valuation sample survey industry innovation and development on Sina Finance App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you my real estate gold ten years past you, it is almost a consensus. Unless lying to make money era, real estate enterprises want to survive and live well, take advantage of adjustment, positive transformation, has become the only way which must be passed. In this regard, the Changsha Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to create a new model of the real estate has been a model for the transformation of the development of small and medium private enterprises to create a new reality. Recently, there are insider broke the news, China’s first investment in the United States listed on the New York stock exchange investment institutions, the creation of the far to build the Xiangjiang one new urban lifestyle model to be ten billion valuation. A ripple, a far Xiangjiang one can get a life pattern why investment institutions favor? Housing prices hand in hand to create a new model of cooperation in the financial sector, the industry will produce what kind of impact? The parties unable to agree on which is right. The traditional development limited, real estate innovation industry to flourish as everyone knows, as a value of millions of billions of dollars of real estate industry, the past more than and 10 years has been in the fixed mode was the explosive growth, the main point of pain is also a real estate with the construction of resources and funds. In recent years, with the real estate industry into the silver age by the golden age, residential development profits only general decline, the real estate industry in the transformation of the development of the mark, the traditional real estate development mode under the impact at the same time, also facing huge opportunities for change, one is to enhance the income level of consumption upgrade, the second is in great demand revitalize the stock. Needless to say, the real estate began to enter the overall supply adjustment period. Now, sales to the operation, stock revitalize and enhance the customer experience, become a major pain points, the real estate market has entered the new era from the housing stock, while the industry has changed from a seller’s market into a buyer’s market, focusing on the customer experience to the development of. China’s real estate is a huge industry, is continuing to transform and continue to have a model of innovation, the core of these innovative models is around the customer’s pain points, to create value for customers. The common point is around the crowd’s social, interactive experience, to build, operate a physical ecology, re integration of resources, and in which to grasp the investment opportunities. Who does not innovate, who will lag behind, who is likely to be eliminated by the market. The past two years, innovation has become the key to the development of the real estate industry. In the real estate + Finance + Internet integration trend, the real estate industry is facing greater differentiation. Format to show new real estate business model All flowers bloom together., contention of a hundred schools of thought. In this regard, an investment agency group board chairman and CEO Wang Jingbo said: "with the real estate market in the past ten years to enter the gold silver age in the future, the competition will be more intense, future earnings will mainly depend on the possession, operation of the core assets to obtain long-term stable returns." A model of innovation investment institutions favor, an investment agency business value in future period as Chinese first listed on the New York stock exchange’s largest wealth management institutions, under the banner of the gopher assets is the first domestic real estate financial innovation theory相关的主题文章: