BMW announced next year to terminate the 2G cellular network services-ssdao

BMW announced the end of next year 2G cellular network services according to foreign media reports, the mobile Internet providers will slowly began to turn off the 2G network in the next two years, this will not only affect the "antique" mobile phone, it will also affect the safety of some car access network services, such as BMW automobile. It is reported that from December 31, 2016 onwards, the use of 2G mobile networking features BMW owners will not be able to continue to access SOS, telematics, BMW Assist eCall services. In this regard, BMW set up a dedicated website for owners to view. The termination of these services is not due to BMW, but because the mobile network provider is no longer supported by its 2G network. According to media reports, it seems that most of the networking features of BMW are within the scope of the impact. Reported that all BMW cars sold in 2014, as well as part of the 2016 BMW cars will be affected by the impact of the closure of the network. To this end, BMW offers 3 different compensation measures for the owners and accessories to provide a $300 lifestyle (Lifestyle and Accessories) vouchers, a $200 BMW gift certificate or cellular network technology update service. It is not clear whether the third option means that BMW will add 3G or 4G LTE support for the car, but if you choose this then the owners need to pay $199 a year fee. While not all U.S. mobile network providers will completely shut down the 2G network, but BMW’s approach to this kind of advance preparation is very sensible.相关的主题文章: