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Pets Who doesnt love a pet but when you are going out of town for a couple of days and cant take your pet along then what options will you have? The best option is boarding kennels. But before you put your dog or cat or any other pet in a boarding kennel check with the vet on pet health issues and ensure that the kennel is well equipped to handle any pet health related issue. Finding a good boarding kennel for dogs is a problem in spite of the fact that numerous kennels have mushroomed in the recent past. There are kennels almost around every corner but the problem is that not all boarding kennels can handle pet health issues. You wouldnt want your dog to fall sick in any of the kennels when you are out of town. The question is how to find a good boarding kennel? Finding a Kennel There are many kennels out there for your dog but not all of them are good enough. Hence the first thing to do is find out from the people you know like colleagues, friends, neighbours, etc about any kennel that they can re.mend. There are some boarding kennels that have their own resident vet who can even answer any pet health questions that you may have. If you can, visit the boarding kennels that you have shortlisted. Check the kennel for the following: Cleanliness Sufficient ventilation Spacious ac.modation and not cramped and dingy Do they have space for indoor and outdoor runs? Are there dedicated vets who will take care of any pet heath issue? Are there any dog trainers who can take care of your dog if you think he has a behavioral problem? The food bowls should be clean and washed everyday so that diseases dont breed and affect pet health Cats should be kept in places away from dogs What type of additional services is available like bathing and grooming? Once you are satisfied with the services of a boarding kennel, you need to give your dog a .plete pet health checkup from a vet. In case you have any doubts, it is better to ask your vet any pet health questions that you will you need to know about before leaving him or her alone in a kennel. If your dog or cat is already on any particular medication, make sure that the kennel vet is aware of it. At any point in time, your pet should not miss out on their medications. If there are any specific food or diet requirements as mentioned by your vet due to the current pet health issues then you will need to specify that to the kennel vet. If all of the above have been taken care of then you can rest assured that your pet will be in safe hands. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: