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Breastfeeding has milk jam? Treasure the mother ask here – Sohu maternal new mothers postpartum third, four days for the expansion of milk peak, if the expansion of milk failed to early treatment may lead to breast milk, breast swelling, plug obstruction, mastitis even pus injury, and effect of maternal breastfeeding is continued. Today, Tina will come to share with you how to deal with the next block. Breast milk milk plug expansion caused 1 reasons, first we look at one of the plug milk, breast milk is the whole is not sucked out. A milk feeding enough mother too busy less sleep through the night to feed the baby sucking frequency less feeding is not the law, resulting in milk feeding conditions cause plug travel two baby milk containing incorrect posture is not good. Incorrect sucking position. Need to correct posture and milk milk methods to prevent the plug plug 2, milk milk there is a situation that is part of breast milk has not been sucked out. The reason is not a correct posture of the baby with milk containing bad, only a part of the breast is easy to cause breast milk. Two mother wearing a bra bra too tight tight, if the night wears, or lying down to some breast milk ducts lead plug milk. Cause three working pressure is too big and too much pressure on the mother, so reduce the number of baby feeding and time easily lead to plug milk. Four breast trauma damage to tissue external injuries can also cause mastitis, for example, the sudden impact. If the nipple wound will also allow bacteria to enter the breast tissue caused by mastitis. Five reasons for the larger breast breast, because breast drooping, the lower part of the milk is not intended to stay out. Breastfeeding mothers milk plug common problems problems: eating greasy milk plug treasure mother recently (breast milk plug obstruction), pain, a few days to plug milk once, do not know what to eat this food will plug the milk, what will cause the plug milk food? I know. The plug milk food: immature persimmon, banana, cherry, and which will cause the plug milk food? Answer: plug (breast milk is blocked due to congestion) in breast milk fat will plug milk caking, caused by the increase of the probability is relatively high fat foods, another is due to body mass, may be pregnant too fat high body fat, also easy to cause the plug mother milk, edible lecithin, lecithin with emulsifying effect. Question two: late lactation milk plug to treasure back milk mother asked: has eaten back milk food, chest second days soft a lot, but there are still hard plug milk, but not uncomfortable, the doctor can not milk, so I want to ask a milk experience of the mothers, not in milking the situation next, how to eliminate the plug milk lump? Answer: start a few days before the withdrawal of milk, breast milk secretion, breast still feel swelling, mother can prolong the time of milking, for example, had four hours to squeeze a milk, first day try six hours milking, second days longer than eight hours a相关的主题文章: