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Loans In the UK, those who want to buy their desired property at the soonest often turn to bridging loans UK. They belong to a type of secured loan that funds the purchase of houses and real estate. They act to close the financial gap between the sale of the existing property/house and the purchase of the new one. Bridging loans UK may be applied to any kind of property/house whether it is for .mercial or residential purposes. The collateral that these loans are based on is also pledged in the form of house/property, often the one which is going to be newly purchased with the help of the loan itself. There are two ways of availing these loans and they depend on the status of the sale of your existing property/house: Closed option If you have put up your existing property/house for sale, then obviously one of these cases holds true; you have both found a buyer and .pleted the deal or you haven’t found any takers or have not finished the sale process. Closed option is available if you if the sale deal has been .pleted successfully and you are only waiting for the money to arrive. Open option The alternative to closed option is a closed one. It is your fall-back option when you haven’t been able to close the deal on the sale of your existing property/house. The interest rate could be a little higher under this option. Bridging loans UK advances loan amounts up to 10000000. You can borrow an amount depending upon the value of your collateral. The arrangements of repayment under these loans are different from other loans. The term itself is short and lasts for 1 to 12 months only. During the duration of that term, you have to pay the interest only. After this term is .pleted or as soon as the money from the sale of your existing property has been released, you can return the principal amount to the lender. Thus, they are convenient loan options. However, the interest rate will be quite high. Do collect free loan quotes through online application and .pare them to choose cheaper rates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: