Buick launched a sub brand Avenir bet high-end models-super bass

Buick launched a sub brand Avenir on high-end models according to the "Automotive News" reported that due to growing consumer of high-end brands and models of demand, Buick has launched a sub brand of Avenir, bet on high-end models. Buick vice president of global sales, service and market Duncan Aldred in September 30th said in a statement, "Avenir will become Buick’s brand image, now and in the future will be the best way of expression of our luxury experience." Buick official said, after the statistical analysis of the consumer information found after the changes, Avenir sub brand is to adapt to this trend and produce. At present, the average age of consumers is decreasing, and the proportion of female consumers is increasing. Buick is aware of, and will raise the price of space, 90% to buy the most expensive models Kore’s (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) crossover, and selection is one of the top two models. Avenir is the "future" in French, and is the name of a flagship concept car released by GM’s retired design director, Edward ·, Ed Welburn at the 2015 Detroit auto show. Buick said it would provide more information about the Avenir price and products in the future.相关的主题文章: