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A new generation of Buick GL8 price 289 thousand and 900 – 449 thousand and 900 yuan – Sohu cars today, SAIC GM’s Buick brand launched in Shanghai, the domestic MPV market leading models — a new generation of Buick GL8, and Buick Avenir brand’s first models — a new generation of GL8 Avenir officially listed, the price range of 289 thousand and 900 – 449 thousand and 900 yuan. Among them, the new generation of GL8 Avenir is not only the appearance of the interior highlight the noble taste and more out of the ordinary, exclusive contains 6 years or 120 thousand km free maintenance, "don’t Avenir black guest exchange private customized services. Famous director Zhang Yimou as a new generation of Buick GL8 Avenir first owners attended the conference. Consumer trends in the domestic high-end MPV market, a new generation of Buick GL8 from GM global resources, based on the new architecture and development concept to create, design, power, security, science and technology quality comprehensive breakthrough and innovation, leading the luxury business, social elite and high-end family car demand diversification, open a new era of large luxury MPV market. SAIC Automotive general manager Wang Yongqing said: "the new generation of GL8 and GL8 Avenir not only for homeopathy, a large luxury MPV market set a new benchmark, further meet consumer demand for personalized brand of high-end users in products and services. They inject new inspiration and vitality for the brand, market coverage and wider brand Buick brand value promotion, but also devoted a wonderful chapter to continue to force Buick." Innovation in internal and external interpretation of the family design language Buick a new generation of GL8 innovative interpretation of the new generation of Buick family design language. The new wing grille, have a unique style of sculpture feeling surbase, roof and rear suspension of hierarchical design, together with the LED lamp group, before and after the wings full sense of science and technology for the first time by the rear triangle window model impact resistant lightweight PC material, with elegant sculpture aesthetics to create a strong GL8 field and graceful, new the definition of design standard for large luxury MPV. The interior of the Buick 360 degrees on the basis of an integrated design, the new family into the wings of the design language, so that the shape is more full of tension. Cockpit, elegant lines outline, three-dimensional shape turn, exquisite material with a rich sense of layering of the interior style. A new generation of GL8’s interior, in the control panel, the contact area above the knees, soft cover materials are made of natural texture, the seat surface by the United States imported high-grade leather, more than 38 processing technology, to create "full grain quality"; plus two large panoramic sunroof and Moon-White moonlight white atmosphere lamp, create a head class a comfortable quiet atmosphere of luxury. Take a wider, more open vision, the use of more convenient space design for the new generation of GL8 cockpit another aspect. The pattern of inheritance models of the atmosphere, in the maintenance of 3088mm long wheelbase basis, expand the news front rear suspension layout, more efficient and the increase of the front and rear track相关的主题文章: