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The bus driver to open the car to send drunken passengers home – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn original title: bus driver to open the car to send drunken passengers home newspaper news (reporter Wang Gang correspondent Yan Jie Li Li) to the end point of a bus station, the public drunk sleeping car still. Careful bus driver found, drove his car back home. 6 at noon, Mr. Wang and his wife Liu dinner in Hanyang five in the village of Sunny Hotel and Ms. Liu’s colleagues. After dinner, Liu and his colleagues went shopping, drinking a little high, Mr. Wang will take the bus 541 double decker car, ready to go back to Wuchang, the streets of the shop in the rest of the eight. "I’m sitting in the car in the 2 floor, the wind blows and fell asleep. When I woke up, I found that I had arrived at the terminal. I really appreciate the good master Chen sent me home". It is reported that 6 afternoon at 3:20 PM, 541 way driver drove to the station by Chen Jiang Sheng Lu Changjiang Zidu end point, is ready to work to open the car back to Hanyang in the seven temple house. In the back of the station to get things to the dispatch room, he found his colleagues Yang Qigang drove into the station to stop the 541 double decker car floor, floor, there is a male passenger sitting on the side of the window is still motionless. Chen Zhiguo, Yang Qi hurriedly went to see, found that male passengers sitting in the seat of sleep, the body exudes a strong smell of alcohol. Chen Zhiguo wake up male passenger, ask that his surname wang. The rule of Chen and Yang Qi together with Mr. Wang to help get to the control room, he bought the mineral water to quench their thirst. See Mr. Wang some faint, walking is not stable, active rule of Chen let him sit on my car, drove about 3 kilometers to be helped escort home, then drove back to his home. (Zhou Tian, commissioning editor Zhang Jun)相关的主题文章: