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Computers-and-Technology Google move this past week on bringing in a founder to run the show can be risky business and this can be proved as was the case with Jerry Yang at Yahoo. When a founder becomes inextricably linked and investors become dependent like the case with Steve Jobs, whose announcement of medical leave caused Apple shares to fall despite strong trading and financial results. Larry Pages voice has always carried significant weight. He has been instrumental in devising key Google strategies over the years. Page, is a Stanford Computer Science graduate, but does not seem like a chief executive although he has a clear passion for and understanding of Google. There was something rather appealing and brand enriching about the two Google boys quietly devising their grand ideas behind the scenes. Jonathan Ive, the design brains at Apple who makes few public appearances, does this so well. Page’s future success depends on the real nature of his relationship with outgoing CEO Mr Schmidt. My concern is; did Schmidt really want to step down or did he have little choice? While it is easy to reach the assumption that this was provoked by tension among the trio, some say Schmidt was tired of being Google’s public face. Whatever the case, tensions must be put aside. Page needs to keep asking the grown-up’s advice, even if he is now a big boy. At least for the next year or two, as he settles in. To my observation Schmidt may not be the creator but he’s the deal maker and strategist. He is the one used to tackling the constant battles with regulators, answering questions about Google’s tax havens and making major M&A decisions. Page is not a Steve Jobs. Jobs have proved himself more than once. He is the serial entrepreneur who left Apple and built Pixar and later returned to revive a bruised Apple in the 1990s.Page needs to keep listening to Schmidt. He may not always take his advice, but the last thing he needs is an abrupt, Jerry Yang-style end to his successful tenure at Google. Visit My Website : .wanarua.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: