Canadian man taught in Jiaxing alone, and his view of the Mid Autumn Festival is like this-meyou

Canadian men teach in Jiaxing alone. In his eyes, the Mid Autumn Festival is like this. Do foreign friends in Tongxiang feel this way? September 15th, mid autumn night, Xiao Bian and Jiaxing Tongxiang Mao Dun high school foreign teacher DARREN pull home, listen to Tongxiang and the mid autumn festival for him what does it mean?. In his eyes, Tongxiang, 3 years ago, originally engaged in education in Canada, DARREN, alone came to Tongxiang to teach, before he did not know the city of Tongxiang, there is no friend in Tongxiang. DARREN said, "Tongxiang is a beautiful place. Tongxiang people are very warm and friendly, and they make me feel warm."". Let DARREN estrus is, the children here have special ideas, love, let him completely fell in love with the foreign teacher’s work. "Shen Da" is what the students gave me. I like the name very much." Under the influence of friendly atmosphere, DARREN decided to stay in Tongxiang. The Mid Autumn Festival in his eyes "these two days have gradually received a lot of Mid Autumn Festival blessings." Speaking of this mid autumn festival, DARREN’s face shows a happy smile. In fact, no Mid Autumn Festival custom in DARREN’s hometown of Canada, the Romans, he also used and fell in love with this special holiday. "On this day every year, I gaze at the moon, and I think of my family in canada." DARREN said that the Mid Autumn Festival seemed to him like Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, and the family together was of special significance. In Canada, DARREN has six children, the oldest son is 22 years old, and the youngest daughter is 10 years old. He said, this mid autumn festival, he will be with them FaceTime (video call), let them see this round of special "moon"". He said that the Tongxiang international range of three years time, DARREN has witnessed the rapid development of Tongxiang. He said, "that’s a whole new leap.". "Tongxiang Wuzhen became the permanent site Internet Conference, brought the whole city internationalization development."

加拿大男子只身在嘉兴教书 他眼中的中秋是这样的 每逢佳节倍思亲。在桐乡的外国友人是否也有这样的感触?9月15日,中秋之夜,小编和嘉兴桐乡市茅盾中学外教DARREN拉了拉家常,听听桐乡和中秋对他而言意味着什么。他眼中的桐乡3年前,原本在加拿大就从事教育工作的DARREN,只身来到桐乡任教,之前他根本不知道桐乡这座城市,在桐乡也没有任何朋友。DARREN说:“桐乡是一个很美丽的地方,桐乡人很热情、很友好,让我感到了温暖”。更让DARREN动情的是,这里的孩子特别的有想法、有爱心,让他彻底爱上了这份外教的工作。“沈达人,就是学生们给我取的,我很喜欢这个名字。”在友好氛围的渲染下,于是,DARREN决定留在桐乡。他眼中的中秋“这两天就已陆续收到了不少的中秋祝福。”说起这个中秋,DARREN脸上流露出幸福的笑容。其实,在DARREN的老家加拿大没有过中秋的习俗,这些年入乡随俗,他也习惯并爱上了这个特殊的节日。“每年的这一天,我凝视着明月,就会想起在加拿大的家人。”DARREN说,中秋节在他看来就像加拿大的感恩节一样,一家人团圆在一起,具有很特殊的意义。在加拿大,DARREN有六个孩子,最大的儿子22岁,最小的女儿10岁。他说,这个中秋佳节,他会和他们FaceTime(视频通话),让他们看一看这轮特别的“圆月”。他说桐乡有国际范三年的时间,DARREN见证了桐乡飞速发展。他说,那是一种全新的跨越。“桐乡乌镇成为互联网大会永久会址,随之带来的是整个城市的国际化发展。”相关的主题文章: