Canine Kidney Failure Treatment – Alternative Options To Prescription

Pets If your dog has been diagnosed with renal failure, it can be a very scary time. You can best help your pet by addressing the symptoms quickly, and forming a plan of treatment that will best suit his needs. This is a serious illness, but with a proper canine kidney failure treatment your dog can continue to live a .fortable and happy life. When you evaluate a canine kidney failure treatment it is important to note that there are two types of kidney failure. The first is Acute Renal Failure (ARF), the sudden onset of kidney problems probably due to contact with toxins. It has no real treatment but the problem can be reversed and your dog can make a full recovery. The second is Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) which is a failure of the kidneys that happens gradually over time and while there are treatments, there are no cures. While these conditions have two very different causes, the basic canine kidney failure treatments used are very similar. Get plenty of fluids into your dog. For acute renal failure, the greater volume of fluids help flush out the toxins in his system that are negatively affecting the kidneys. This is the main treatment option for acute renal failure, and your vet may set your dog up to an I.V. for a few days to .pletely clear out the system. For chronic renal failure, extra fluids can help to thin out the urine, making things easier on the kidneys. While this will not cure the disease it will help to make your dog more .fortable. Canine kidney failure treatments are designed to alleviate the adverse effects of a chronic problem – they treat the symptoms, not the condition itself. For both these types of disease it helps to feed your dog specialty foods that are designed to supplement your canine kidney failure treatment. These diets have less salt, protein and minerals so that it reduces the amount of strain being put on the kidneys. Homeopathic options Put your dog on a course of gentle and effective homeopathic treatments. These natural remedies are gentle and safe, and will help boost your dog’s immune system, and aid his recovery. With the kidneys operating at less than 25% capacity in most cases, it is necessary to find canine kidney failure treatments that will help supplement some of the actions of the kidneys. B-Vitamin supplements Kidney failure can cause a dog to lose many of their essential nutrients. Vitamin supplements help to replace the crucial nutrients that are lost. Anti-Vomiting medications The disease itself or other treatments can react negatively with your dog’s stomach. In these cases anti-vomiting medication may be necessary. Steroids This is often given as a way to treat the anemia that often occurs from kidney failure. Steroids often have negative side effects in pets, but with this disease, most treatments are meant to buy your pet an additional few months or years, so steroids be.e a more viable option as a treatment of last resort. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: