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The car at the two "floating" over the front of the police station: two car drug – Beijing, at 3 pm, Huanggu District Public Security Bureau police station in front of a car is out of the ordinary: body staggered, the route is in the shape of a snake, and this car left a few minutes later, again in front of the police station! Police immediately stopped the car and found the man sitting in the driver’s seat is taking drugs, police also seized part of the drug and drug tools. August 25th, the reporter interviewed the case. Police station in front of the abnormal car on July 20th at 3 am, Liaohe police station found a white car slowly from the police station in front of the door! "At 3 in the morning, the car on the road is very little, generally after the car speed is relatively fast, the car speed is very slow, and the trajectory is S shape, in our experience, it is likely to be drunk driving or toxic driving." But shortly after the car disappeared in the night, the police did not have time to catch up. Soon, the car appears again in front of the police station, the police drove off and found the man sitting in the copilot position is drugs, the car has 2 grams of methamphetamine, 3 methamphetamine pills and other drugs and drug tools, and the car two people were positive urine test results. Two people say different in August 25th, the reporter interviewed the suspect Wang and Yang in Huanggu District detention center. The same day the driver Wang 28 years old this year. Wang said that in the early morning of July 20th, Yang said he wanted to discuss things, after receiving Yang, Yang took out the drug from the body. "He didn’t tell me he was taking drugs. I didn’t know he was going to take drugs in the car." Wang argued that he thought that it would not shelter or other drug, no stop. In the process of driving, he did not take drugs. Why is the positive urine test results? Wang explained that he smoked a few days ago. What is the strange way of driving? Wang explained that his mobile phone just under a software, software will be based on mobile phone users to provide incentives to walk distance. He found that, as long as the speed is maintained at less than 30 kilometers per hour, driving distance will be considered as walking distance. "I opened a total of 5 days, one day open 3 kilometers, a total award of 500M traffic." He just wanted to cheat in this way. 25 year old Yang said that the day is the initiative to find him Wang, drugs and drug tools are also found in the car. Yang explained: I was very nervous when taking drugs, did not pay attention to the police station on the side, not a demonstration." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Qinghai Intern Liu Shijiao相关的主题文章: