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Cash payment hidden rights trap gullible gullible elderly million We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Cash on delivery is safest? In fact, hidden rights trap a lot of consumers in the online shopping will choose to pay this payment, that is to get the goods to the money is the most safe and secure. As everyone knows, there are loopholes in cash on delivery. Some criminals seize the trust of consumers on the delivery of goods, the use of courier collection of money in the form of fraud. When consumers find it difficult to effectively safeguard their rights and interests. Take cash on delivery of elderly people cheated million last year, a TV shopping cheated on the yuan, all rights to no avail experience, let Xichang city of Sichuan Province, Liangshan, 82 year old Uncle Lee was mentally and physically exhausted consumers. In mid April 2015, Uncle Lee in accordance with a TV shopping advertising information to cash on the order of 6200 yuan for the treatment of diabetes drugs and donated diabetes treatment instrument. As the parcel arrived, Uncle Lee wanted to unpacking, but the courier was required payment after unpacking. In desperation, Uncle Lee had paid the money. But after the opening, he found the package is the general health food and a very simple treatment instrument. Immediately, Lee uncle call the seller’s contact with the phone, the other quickly apologized, saying it was sent to the wrong parcel, immediately re sent. According to company requirement, send the drug to cash on delivery, 6200 yuan will be deposited in the "Beijing card", the password is 888888, be sent to any local bank to remove the money." Uncle Li listen to the rhetoric. At the beginning of May, second parcel to Uncle Li, pay 1480 yuan after the opening, found that the parcel of drugs like last time, also only general health food. There is indeed a package of Beijing savings card, but to a number of banks to withdraw money, have been told not to see the card, that is a fake bank card. Uncle lee call again, but the seller has again "sincere apology" also vowed: "" Beijing card "card is absolutely true, have to deposit 6200 yuan, may be able to get money only in the local Beijing. Now to do Zhang national card, to two times the cost of 6200+1480 a total of 7680 yuan deposit card, or cash on delivery of 1480 yuan, with diabetes drugs were sent out." Uncle lee once again believed him. Using similar rhetoric and means, the seller within 4 months for 5 times from Uncle Lee hands cheated a total of 11360 yuan, after "evaporation". Uncle lee finally aware of the wrong, according to the seller to provide the address alone to Beijing to discuss a statement, but rushed to the empty. Beijing City, Changping District industrial and commercial department found that this address does not have this company, it is recommended that Uncle Lee back to residence complaints. Take goods to the money seems safe real Tibet tricky Uncle Lee’s misfortune seemingly absurd extreme, but it is not the case. theory相关的主题文章: