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Momentage Hosted Grand Central Station Terminal Photo Walk And Presentation At Apples

Los Angeles, CA, January 28, 2014 – The new multimedia photo app Momentage will host a Momentage Walk photo-op tour January 30, 2014 in New York’s iconic Grand Central Station Terminal, 6 – 7 PM, followed by an exclusive Momentage presentation at the Grand Central Station Apple Store at 7 PM. "Culminating our walk at the Apple Store is apropos since Apple has been so supportive of Momentage, and our community is enamored with how beautiful Momentage is on the iPhone and iPad. Our community of new creatives were early adopters of Apple technology and they appreciate elegant and intuitive design, which is the foundation of Momentage," said George Castineiras. "We chose New York to kick off the Apple Store Event for its rich, diverse culture that emulates the community on Momentage." The Momentage Walk is free and open to the public and includes exploring and capturing photos, videos and audio from the Grand Central Station Terminal. The walk is designed to bring together top local photographers, artists and creative minds to learn, share and connect in real life as they do in the Momentage online community. Participants will also meet the Momentage team to offer feedback on the app. After the walk attendees will convene at the Grand Central Station Apple Store for a discussion and demonstration of the app and a question and answer session with the Momentage team. Space is limited to 50 attendees and pre-registration is required for the presentation. To register for the exclusive presentation please visit About Momentage Momentage, the leading online community for the new creatives, is bringing together individuals from around the world through the unique Momentage mobile app that allows users to combine photos, videos and SoundImagesTM into a single post to create a vivid storytelling "moment." These moments can be richly expressed through users’ ability to edit, add to and rearrange media using their own unique style and inventive techniques. The community can share these images publicly, with a customized group or keep them private. Users have more power over the privacy of each post with Momentage than with any other app in the photo-sharing category. Momentage enables users to share their body of work with current followers and connect to new ones to comment and get feedback from peers and to share life’s most meaningful moments through artistically designed series in their portfolio. For more information please visit Press Contact: Lisa Inouye Momentage Los Angeles, CA +1 (310) 777-7546 About the Author: Momentage Momentage, the leading online community for the new creatives, is bringing together individuals from around the world through the unique Momentage mobile app that allows users to combine photos, videos and SoundImagesTM into a single post to create a vivid storytelling "moment." These moments can be richly expressed through users’ ability to edit, add to and rearrange media using their own unique style and inventive techniques. The community can share these images publicly, with a customized group or keep them private. Users have more power over the privacy of each post with Momentage than with any other app in the photo-sharing category. Momentage enables users to share their body of work with current followers and connect to new Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Business 相关的主题文章:

Involved In A Car Accident Visit Your Nearest Car Accident Chiropractic Care In Charlotte, Nc Now-guitarpro5

Medicine A record 12 million motor vehicle accidents (MVA’s) happen annually, if we believe the National Safety Council (NSC). And the numbers are rising each year. From fatal to life threatening to minor fender benders, the injuries caused by MVAs differ with each case. Therere some who escape such an accident totally unhurt, or so they think! Do you know that your car accident injuries can remain hidden for months? Although not un.mon, there is a strong tendency that your car injuries may remain hidden for months. Back and neck pain is the first sign that your seemingly unhurt body was intact hurt. The trouble is the longer you delay a full check up the bleaker your chances for a full recovery Did you know that 1/3rd claimants of MVAs prefer to visit a chiropractor post accident? People are already choosing to visit their nearest medicine clinic immediately after an accident. If you are living in Charlotte NC then I will suggest you to visit to sports medicine clinic in Charlotte NC as they are providing best in class chiropractic care. A study evaluated 190 whiplash injury victims and found those who received chiropractic care reported treatment satisfaction of 100%.The reason why even a seemingly unhurt person must visit a chiropractor is simple. Chiropractors are experts when it .es to treatment of soft tissues. And when the maximum chances post a car accident are that of sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and a ligament, visiting a chiropractor is your best chance to get rid of long term spine and neck problems. Did you know that chiropractor means no surgeries no drugs line of treatment? Not many are fully aware of chiropractic natural line of treatment which means no resort to drugs or surgeries. The pain is treated by directly fixing the problem rather than prescribing drugs. No surgical tools, cutting, or blood is involved. Generally, a chiropractor applies a gentle force in a corrective manner to the affected spinal area. A chiropractor works with adjective techniques, dietary counselling, soft tissue massage, lifestyle modification guidance, etc. Find an answer to your car accident problems. Visit Dr. Tebbys Car Accident Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, NC. Dr. Tebby Car Accident Chiropractic Care in Charlotte, NC strives for excellence through proper investigation, effective patient treatment, .plete education and full patient satisfaction. Also, you can find a lot of information on health related problems i.e. neck pain, lower back and hip pain, pinched nerves, slipped disc, chiropractic care, frequent headaches, auto injuries (whiplash), as well as, simple home treatment such as lower back pain exercises and much more. Visit the Car Accident Chiropractic Care in Charlotte 28226 or call at 7045417111 for your queries and information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Where To Find Wholesale Electronics Gadgets Online-ekdv-273

Business The electronics get us into trouble whether we ought to go for the economy and the brand value with big cost. But essentially we suppose of purchasing wholesale electronics gadgets online, we are able to choose from a wide selection of digital things that are good in top quality and readily available against Low-cost pricing. Walking with the Chain Depart of Electronics can be very irritating from your perspective of getting what a Consumer would like at an simply affordable cost. Items that are out of stock, again bought, or outrageously priced can change an easy buy into a weekend lengthy effort filled with automobile traffic jams and parking problems. Whenever chance enables you to learn the wanted item, much more often than not the sales rep is lacking in the expertise to answer consumer product requests, leaving the client to work out on their own. At last, You get an overpriced Electronic Device an empty gas tank. One of the maximum advantages of buying wholesale electronics gadgets on the internet is the benefit of discount prices. Men and women accept wait one or more weeks until the buy arrives straight away to their door, should they know they invest a lesser amount of in comparison with they’d have spent in the event that the purchase was developed at a normal store. Once you acquire consumer electronic devices on-line, you will find anything from discount MP3 to discount LCD TVs, which ends in saving several bucks to even large sums of money. And also you know it is great, due to the fact every person tries to create a affordable living nowadays. Certainly, on-line wholesale electronics gadgets stores have numerous advantages, evaluating to the regular customer electronic gadgets merchants, and in all probability it all takes us to a time, once we will not observe normal consumer gadgets shops about any longer. And it would not seem to be disappointing news. Why? Think for your self. As soon as you’ll need discount HDMI cables, you may not should wait for discount rates, after which set you back the shop, to choose the thing of all time gone. You are able to sit in your selected armchair for move and then click your mouse, ordering the points you may need. Wholesale electronics gadgets on-line supply significant financial savings along with the feature that compares sellers from your own home. Often these Websites enable a purchaser ought to selling real estate an issue and receive a solution in a well timed manner, relieving the strain of the acquisition. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Missouri+Teachers Posts – Page 1 – ArticleSnatch..-lightscape

Embrace The Most Valuable Knowledge – Go To Missouri Teachers In Creative Genius Learning By: richie_harrison | Jan 20th 2016 – Knowledge is considered as an emblem of power, especially for the children who would start catching up with things intellectually since a tender age. It should be in our best interest that pre-schooling and day-care has be.e an indispensable aspect behind a child"��s success, especially when it .es to European countries … Tags: Visit A Creative Geniuses For Best Day-care Missouri Teachers By: richie_harrison | Nov 14th 2015 – It should be in our best interest that our child"��s personality development is initiated from a very early time frame and it"��s when he/she understands to build a perception regarding the world which would encounter them with different challenges and quests. However, in spite of its own importance, some parents might work … Tags: Finding Reliable Panel For Child Care – Learn About Missouri Teachers Here By: richie_harrison | Sep 10th 2015 – The parenting job isn"��t as easy as it might seem in the first place and since, it"��s something that we cannot skip or ignore, our children should be given an immense amount of value ever since their lives begun officially. In such a fast-moving world, it has be.e downright difficult to find the most reliable child care … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

Professional Cycling Coach For Best Cycle Training-kamikaze love

Cycling A Good Cycle Training programme is best for giving an outstanding performance on the track. But it will also not be incorrect to say that a Professional Cycling Coach is the Kernel of Cycling Coaching Courses. Though possible, but its very difficult to get an ideal cycle training without the presence of an experienced coach. An experienced cycling coach can planout a Personalized Cycle Coaching according to your goals & needs. A Cycling Coach knows his job well. With his knowledge & experience, he tailors a customized training schedule for you taking into consideration the important factors, such as your diet, cycling goals, lifestyle. All these facts help him to estimate what kind of training will be suitable for you to get good results in a short period of time. A Professional Cycling Coach can provide various kinds of tailored Cycle Coaching Programmes for improving different cycling aspects like, Anaerobic Threshold, Nutrition, rate and time trial. The very fundamental thing about Cycle Training programme is to focus & boost the stamina of a cyclist. A Professional cycling coach can suggest you biking over long path at regular intervals. This can eventually improve your body stamina which is very important for a good cycling experience. Pedaling is an ideal activity for bettering the cycling performance. In fact, an uninterrupted pedaling quickly tends to put more stress on the muscles that improves the Pedaling Cadence. A continuous & strenuous pedaling can considerably increase the fitness & cycling performance of an aspiring cyclist. A Personalized Cycle Coaching is said to be more advantageous as it delivers long lasting results quickly. This kind of training not only betters your cycling experience but is also an effective type of workout. It assists in building body mass & also decreases the anxiety levels in your body. Nowadays, a cycling coach can provide you with kinds of Personal Cycle Coaching programmes depending upon on the cycling goals & needs. An ideal & well planned cycling training programme should include the things necessitated to deal with the high speed sprints along with the stamina required for extended stretches. A Personalized Cycle Coaching package is customized on the basis of the cycling goals of an aspirant. The training course is executed in the guidance of a practiced cycle coach. The training Programmes vary from person to person depending upon its lifestyle, needs & ambitions. A person must choose the right Cycle training Programme in sync with his Psychological & fitness goals. A Cycle training goal is extremely significant as it strongly impacts your overall training & performance. Even if you are well aware about the various cycling facts or have the required knowledge about improving the cycling stamina, you still need a good coach who can design the best Cycling Coaching course for you & train you well! An expert trainer can guide you properly which will promote your stamina, health & cycling performance. If you are looking for an advanced Cycle Coaching Programmes from a Professional Cycling Coach like Dan Bennett, then visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Tcnicas .probadas Para Obtener Ms Trfico-running man 20130908

Internet-and-Business-Online Los Webmasters siempre estn buscando formas de atraer ms trfico hacia sus sitios. Hay gente que piensa que los Webmasters usan estrategias secretas que los dems no conocen para lograr que miles de personas visiten sus sitios. ste no es el caso: muchos de los mtodos que utilizan los Webmasters para atraer trfico estn disponibles para cualquier persona que se decida a implementarlos. Slo hay que aprender a usarlos de la manera correcta para obtener una re.pensa por los esfuerzos realizados. Aqu hay tres estrategias muy bsicas que algunos de los Webmasters ms prominentes usan para atraer hacia sus sitios Web cierto tipo muy especfico de trfico de forma constante. Cree un contenido nico: Los Webmasters saben que Internet est tan llena de contenido repetido y que Google los re.pensar si el suyo sobresale del resto. Es por eso que los Webmasters astutos escriben su propio contenido o contratan a un escritor para que modifique el contenido por ellos. De esa manera cuando el motor de bsqueda busque contenido nico, su material se destacar y se ubicar por sobre los dems. Hay muchas maneras de poner contenidos nicos en Internet, slo asegrese de optimizar cualquier cosa que haga para obtener ms trfico de los buscadores. Incluya videos en su contenido: Ms all del tipo de contenido que cree, es una buena idea presentar parte de l en formato de video para difundirlo en diversos sitios donde se .parten videos, .o You Tube. Probablemente sea ms la gente que vea sus videos que la que lea sus artculos o el contenido de su sitio Web. Adems, sta es una buena manera de que la gente .parta su contenido con otras personas; muy rara vez se usan los scripts .partir con un amigo que se encuentran en la mayora de los sitios Web, pero la gente no tiene problemas en .partir un video porque hacerlo es muy fcil. Slo debe recordar que, si usa videos para atraer trfico, debe asegurarse que los mismo sean entretenidos y que ofrezcan algo valioso que la gente sienta deseos de .partir. Aproveche los blogs: Los blogs tambin constituyen una buena forma de atraer trfico de un pblico especfico hacia su sitio Web. Usted puede utilizar los blogs para obtener un grupo de lectores que se interese en sus artculos y visite regularmente al blog para leerlos. Una vez que tenga una cantidad suficiente de lectores puede hacer que ellos se dirijan hacia donde usted lo desee. Muchos Webmasters crean blogs en sus nichos y luego envan a sus lectores a sus sitios principales. Esta estrategia es muy efectiva para atraer a un pblico especfico hacia cualquier sitio Web que usted posea. Estas son tres formas muy bsicas para atraer trfico de un pblico especfico hacia el sitio Web que usted desee. Aproveche los blogs, use el marketing por video para atraer trfico de un pblico especfico y cree contenido nico para diferenciarse de todos los sitios con contenido similar que abundan en la red. Si usted llega a dominar estos tres aspectos bsicos, no debera tener problemas para obtener un trfico constante hacia su sitio Web. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: