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Comfortable killing Japanese. The modern accepted –

Comfortable killing Japanese. The modern accepted Sina pleasing and Rena is very close to the location, so as to provide 1.4L and 1.6L two naturally aspirated engine, but the engine upgrade for 1.4L Kappa, the maximum power 73.3kW, peak torque of 132.4N? M. 1.6L Gamma engine is the same as the old one, the maximum power 90.2kW, peak torque of 150.7N? M. 1.4L models optional 6MT or 6AT gearbox, while 1.6L models only provide 6AT gearbox. Although the displacement is small, but the car at 80 km within of the power transfer is still relatively active, the accelerator will immediately when the feedback power system, although sometimes inadequate, but it can show a very positive state, at least not disrupt the rhythm of the driver. Even with the floor oil way started, the front wheel will not break grip limit, the engine will climb briskly 6500rpm upshift, will speed up to 80Km h easy and simple, it has been able to meet most of the city traffic demand, but if you want to accelerate again, the power comes not so easy. More pictures gallery

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dealers accept no reputation quotation inquiry 6AT gearbox honest, work rules, the state of low speed downshift will have a very small action is aware of, but can be ignored. When driving gently, 0RPM it will worry about raising the file! It tends to be slightly pressed once, even when 3000rpm 4000rpm was promoted. More pictures gallery

seconds prices | configuration video

reputation accepted temporarily no dealers quote inquiry Mcpherson torsion beam suspension structure is the standard configuration of this level models. Chassis tuning style tends to comfort, the overall feeling is not like Japanese models with some sense of loose, and will not be like Europe and the United States as deliberately create a complete, thick feeling. Whether driving or riding is an easy, simple feeling. Fine vibration isolation thoroughly, greatly shock front, and not have blunt sense. Summary: Wyatt is a really easy car, even if the 1.4L power, I did not put in an awkward position, the perfect driving experience is the first reason I give and affirmation. In addition, it also has excellent ergonomics, rich young fashion configuration, it is estimated that the future can have a very affordable price. Well, wait for the sales charts. Editor: Cao Xiaokun article key words: test diagram相关的主题文章:

Hui Ruoqi Zhang Changning back to Changzhou for each enterprise award 1 million-月丘うさぎ

Hui Ruoqi Zhang Changning Gong Xiangyu will be back to Changzhou 1 million Hui Ruoqi Zhang Changning Gong Xiangyu award enterprise awards as zenith steel women’s Volleyball Club player, yesterday morning, Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu 3 people returned to Changzhou, to the "family" to share the joy, carry forward the "women’s volleyball team spirit". After the meeting, the Changzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yan Li received the 3 women’s Volleyball National Team in Zhongtian Iron & Steel Group, and in the conversation had to admit played volleyball, women’s volleyball team is China iron". Modern Express correspondent Zhu Yuanjie ZAKER Nanjing correspondent Li Mengya Song Tijia yesterday morning 9 when 08 points, carry forward the "women’s volleyball team spirit Chinese Zhongtian steel report will be held in Changzhou Henglin middle school, the huge hall is already full of people. Usually, in the women’s volleyball team, we do not often mention the "women’s volleyball team spirit", however, the team every training, every game, "team spirit" has well ingrained." As China women’s volleyball team captain, Hui Ruoqi at the meeting said, "women’s spirit" is actually a kind of uniting and enterprising spirit, is the "team 12 people like one, with a goal to struggle together. It is understood that Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, 3 people with the transit of the iron and steel women’s Volleyball Club of the. In fact, as early as last night at the media conference, Zhang Changning said frankly, came to Changzhou as home. Especially Zhang Changning, born in Changzhou, she is very familiar with the Changzhou Hongmei park area, "my grandmother used to take me to the Hongmei park play a small time, the time now to look back. The air is fresh and the people are very friendly." After the meeting, the Changzhou municipal Party committee secretary Yan Li met with the 3 women’s Volleyball National Team in Zhongtian Iron & Steel group. During the conversation, Yan Li exposes once played volleyball, women’s volleyball team is China iron". In order to cultivate the Changzhou women’s volleyball team morale, he was wearing a red dress to cheer the league. In addition, Yan Li also said that during the period at the start of the Rio Olympic women’s volleyball, he has been watching it on TV, and said nervously watching the process "foot sweating". It is reported that, in view of Hui Ruoqi, Zhang Changning, 3 people in the Rio Olympic Games in the performance of the outstanding, the day of the report, the culmination of the iron and Steel Group for each of them was awarded a special reward of 1 million yuan as a reward of $.相关的主题文章:

More than half of the car prices released independent brand differentiation serious-tencent upd

A number of car companies released semi annual report of independent brand differentiation serious [Abstract] domestic listed enterprises semi annual report released after all, thanks to the first half of the market to pick up quickly, in addition to a department of two car companies and some commercial enterprises a sharp decline in performance, the majority of listed car enterprises to maintain a steady growth. Yesterday, the release of all domestic listed enterprises semi annual report is completed, due to the rapid recovery of the first half of the market, in addition to a department of two car companies and some commercial enterprises a sharp decline in performance, the majority of listed car enterprises to maintain a steady growth. In particular, the passenger car based business listed car prices, performance growth is generally higher than the overall level of the industry. From the semi annual report showed, consistent with the terminal market sales performance, the independent brand and new energy vehicles two business, has become one of the source of profits of listed enterprises, and gradually stir up the beam. The independent brand performance comparison of 6 large automotive group, GAC trumpchi is undoubtedly the most beautiful, but the FAW, Beiqi own brand continued losses, and the trend of expansion. Steady growth of large state-owned enterprises as the leading domestic car prices, SAIC semi annual report shows that 3 million 2 thousand vehicle sales, an increase of 4.9%. Among them, 2 million 561 thousand passenger cars, an increase of 9.8%, commercial vehicles, a decrease of 16.8%, the domestic market share of 22.8%. On this basis, SAIC operating income 351 billion 265 million yuan, an increase of 8.54%, net profit of $15 billion 60 million, an increase of 6.31%. The rapid growth of the past few years, Changan automobile, the first half of the trend to maintain a small walk fast, the cumulative sales of 1 million 483 thousand and 300 cars, an increase of 1.2%. Among them, Changan own brand narrow passenger car (independent brand cars, SUV, MPV) sales of 620 thousand, an increase of 13%, ranking first in China’s own brand. In China’s auto market, the company achieved a market share of about 11.6%, up by 0.3 percentage points higher than the end of 2015, sales ranked first in China’s auto industry in the top 4. And operating income of 35 billion 801 million yuan, an increase of 8.32%, attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of $5 billion 490 million, an increase of 7.98%. From the results of the first half, the state-owned large automobile group, the fastest growing is the Guangzhou Automobile group. The performance report shows that first half operating income of 21 billion 429 million yuan, an increase of 87.15%; attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 3 billion 981 million yuan, an increase of 127.49%; basic earnings per share of 0.62 yuan. However, the market is not all car prices are benefiting, FAW Group’s two listed FAW Xiali car prices have fallen sharply, loss quagmire. The first half of the year, FAW car sales of 80 thousand and 700 cars, down 33.21%; operating income was 8 billion 491 million yuan, down 38.31%; a net loss of 826 million yuan. The Xiali sold only 19 thousand cars, 49.04% year-on-year decline; operating income of 1 billion 2 million 950 thousand yuan, down 50.93%; net.相关的主题文章:

No privacy! The author’s experience of first love

No privacy! "First love monster" the author of the experience cited hot believe that we all have had their parents into the room without turning their own experience. If you have this experience, then the "first love monster," the original author of the auspicious day of the past shook the bitter experience of the pill should make you feel the same. On the day of the Internet in the online release of his painful experience. When the invincible youth teacher, and finally wait until after the age of 15 for the first time painted a small book R15. In the new sent home that day, when the teacher returned home to Hiyoshi package, found their parcels have been opened. The mother told her because she is so rare comic book distributed to neighbors and friends. It is good at what his mother automatically, but because the mother found the cartoon content being scolded. Twitter and blogs are not popular, the network forum is the main place for many Internet users in the online exchange. The young teacher nichiyoshi often in online forums to leave their information such as BL to map etc.. One day, the teacher’s brother told the teacher because her parents want to see her diary to the forum, called out her name, and the company actually will be the teacher’s diary pages to her parents. After the teacher’s experience, feel the teacher I had in adolescence…… [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章:

Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation the apartment is not

Shenzhen is now 6 square meters of dove cage official explanation: the apartment is not residential Shenzhen, a small area of 6 square meters of red explosion in recent days. Folding bed in room. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog map of the property known as the "overseas Chinese town", the property is located in Nanshan District overseas Chinese town of Shahe East Road and the intersection of the new road, the entire district a total of 169 sets of hardcover apartment. The attention of the 6 square meters of small units are located in the 6 floor to the 15 floor. Almost every floor has a small area of about 6.61 square meters of a small house, a total of 9 sets, are flat, ranging from an area of 5.73 square meters to 7.48 square meters. Together with the developers donated area, the actual use of an area of about 12 square meters. Allegedly, the 9 sets of small apartment layout has been sold, and sold the price reached 150000 yuan per square meter. Internal facilities. Shenzhen evening news micro-blog figure surging news query multiple real estate intermediary website found that real estate intermediary introduced the real estate that overseas Chinese town is blending the original Xiang Qi observation tower renovation project. Some websites say the project is owned by the Shenzhen overseas Chinese town group. But then the overseas Chinese town to surging news denied the news, said the project is not the overseas Chinese town project, is in under the guise of overseas Chinese town, the company will judge whether the act of tort law. The media reported that the sale of 6 square meters of large-sized apartment real estate license is red. Real estate license registration information display: this house is an area of 6.68 square meters of real property rights, land use rights in 1998, the property rights of the year of the year, belong to the standard of the purchase of residential products limited by credit. And in fact, as early as a month before, "Shenzhen Evening News" in August 2nd had reported that the Shenzhen municipal planning and land resources administration committee Nanshan reply said that "dove cage" apartment layout does not belong to the residential apartment layout, has nothing to do with the real estate sale. The reply said: "in 1999" Shenzhen is a city construction planning permit "," Shenzhen city in 2006 to obtain qualified construction planning acceptance certificate ", the building function for apartment and office." 2007 real estate for the initial registration of real estate, of which 6 to a total of 15 sets of apartments transferred to Chen Moumou, such as individual owners, the same year for the transfer of the registration of the two level of 169. In these 169 apartments, there are 12 sets of construction area of between 5.73 to 15.18 square meters. At present, the real estate is Shenzhen City Hunan Vantage Capitals Ltd to buy after renovation, sales to the society. Then this is the real estate market behavior of the three acts of transfer, which is commonly known as the secondary housing transactions, and real estate pre-sale unrelated. At the same time, referred to the Shenzhen Committee of city planning and Land Resources Management Bureau is still in the Nanshan reply, the building of 1 to 5 for the office, 6 to 15 for the apartment, do not belong to the house. And Shenzhen city planning and Land Resources Committee has never approved a similar "dove cage" residential apartment layout, in the planning approval in the future will be strictly according to the law review, to ensure that residential apartment layout design conforms to the provisions of the state and provincial and municipal building design specification. It is understood that there is a big difference between residential and residential property rights. In general, if the commercial real estate built on the premises of the project is commercial nature, it can not be settled, it can not meet the needs of enrollment. In addition, in accordance with the "residential construction.相关的主题文章:

Set the car less than two months, the price of 100 thousand yuan to give up the car

New car price 100 thousand yuan female car owners to give up "I ordered the car in less than two months to two months, the price is reduced by 100 thousand yuan, a psychological gap is too great, now I’m not going to mention the car, the other bad attitude, please help me about mediation. See if you can give me back a deposit back." Recently, the Yiwu public Miss Shi called the Yiwu Market Authority consumer complaints hotline, a complaint of a brand car 4S shop in Yiwu. It is understood that the end of May this year, Miss Shi in Yiwu a certain brand of automobile 4S stores a fancy new SUV, and signed a contract with the Car Buying 4S shop, on the spot to pay a 50 thousand yuan deposit. The two sides agreed in June 20th before delivery vehicles, consumers overdue car to deduct liquidated damages in the deposit, not to mention the car for more than 15 days, the deposit will not be refunded. "I work because of the relationship, to go abroad for a long time, until the end of August before returning home." Miss Shi said, after returning home she immediately went to the 4S shop car, the car to see, with the off-road vehicle pricing than it had dropped 100 thousand yuan found. The car did not open one day, to pay a large sum of money, Miss Shi is very difficult to accept, and communicate with the 4S shop staff, hoping to reduce the price or return the deposit, but the 4S shop staff attitude, completely refused to compromise. Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized supervision after the two sides face to face mediation. The person in charge of the 4S shop brought the original purchase contract signed with Miss Shi, the contract agreed to mention the date of the car, breach of contract and other related matters. "The car in June 9th to the store, 4S shop staff repeatedly to contact the consumer car, the consumer has not fulfilled the contract until the beginning of September, not to mention that car." The responsible person said, 4S shop also suffered many losses, after mentioning the car 4S shop to advance the car from the manufacturer, and has been responsible for bank interest expenses. As for the vehicle price, manufacturers promotions, and this car is before the price adjustment to the shop, 4S stores and manufacturers are also settled by the price before the price is up 4S store loss is far greater than 50 thousand yuan deposit miss shi. In the end, the staff patiently mediation, the two sides could not agree on a price for the car, Miss Shi decided to retire the car, 4S shop will also miss Shi after the Car Buying reported to the company, finally agreed to refund the deposit 10 thousand yuan miss shi. Yiwu market authority to remind consumers to buy large commodities, should take full account of the risk of price fluctuations. At the same time, before signing the contract, we must understand the rights and obligations of both parties. In case of special circumstances can not be fulfilled, should promptly communicate and negotiate, as far as possible to reduce the loss caused by breach of contract.相关的主题文章: