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86On port 0-5! The whole North spell comprehensive upgrade Super 8 team 10 strokes (video)|On port 0-5! The whole North spell comprehensive upgrade Super 8 team 10 strokes (video)0

On port 0-5! The whole North spell comprehensive upgrade Super 8 team 10 goals [] move north on the right side of the area looking for opportunities with serial Leonardo right foot shot final harbor suffered a defeat in the September 13th 14 Tencent sports AFC Champions League final round of the competition, the Hong Kong 0-5 defeat K League overlord north, two round total score 0-5 out. The final stop on the Hong Kong AFC Champions League 8, no further. This is the season of second was the North stop pace of the super team, and all stages of Suning group phase with the final group failed to qualify. AFC Champions League history, except for 3 consecutive years and the Hengda Group with smooth round, Shide, Shenhua, Yatai, TEDA, Luneng, Guoan, Suning and Hong Kong 8 teams, both the knockout group phase or suffered the whole North, no team can pull this off the Korean League overlord. AFC Champions League history, the super team first encounter Jeonbuk occurred in the 2004 season, the Shenhua and the north is in group E, second round, Shenhua in home court 0-1 opponents, even at the end of the round on the road with Luo Xiao Shenhua scored 1-0 revenge, but Shenhua 3 wins and 3 loss 9 failed to qualify third points. The north of the season not only successfully qualify from the group, but all the way to the semi-finals eventually. The 2006 season, and the whole North in Shide group phase stage experience, home court with Zou Jie’s goal 1-0 victory. But in the final round to decide who to top the group qualify in the duel, although by Shide Zou Jie first into 1 balls, but the north then scored 3 goals to beat 3-1 Shide, 13 points over 12 points for Shide line. The north after qualifying in 14 finals suffered another super team Shenhua, Shenhua at home court game, with Gao Lin’s goal 1-0 victory, the second leg to the statewide, although Gao Lin and Jan Kerr scored, but Shenhua eventually lost 2-4, the total score 3-4 stop 8. The 2010 season, Yatai and Jeonbuk Hyundai Group, the 1-2, 0-1 away from home court Yatai opponents double play, eventually failed to qualify. A season later, the same group match with the North team Luneng Luneng, suffered the embarrassment of the games are as like as two peas Yatai opponents double play, eventually ranked the third out. The 2011 season of the 18 finals, the north is also met a super team Tianjin TEDA TEDA AFC Champions League, but the only time in the history into the playoffs, 0-3 defeat on the road to the north margin of no further. But since then the North once again encountered the super team is not so strong, 2012-2014 season, Hengda 3 consecutive years and with Hengda Group, AFC Champions League debut in 5-1 swept away in the north, while the north in the subsequent battle back face, two teams played against 6 drew a tie 2 wins 2 flat 2 negative. But it is worth mentioning that, Hengda 2013 and 2014 season to top the group beat north, the latter 2 out of the second group, in addition to the 2012 season the north only ranked the third group eventually missed the playoffs, the super team suffered first times to let the whole North Korea overlord missed the knockout. The 2015 season, Luneng once again and the north in the group phase and away are met, eventually lost to 1-4, especially the end of the team)

53Quzhou Lanke cup will be Tuo Jiaxi and Ke Jiesheng Mi Yu Ting for the championship|Quzhou Lanke cup will be Tuo Jiaxi and Ke Jiesheng Mi Yu Ting for the championship7

Quzhou Lanke cup will be Tuo Jiaxi and Ke Jiesheng Mi Yu Ting Championship sixth Quzhou Lanke Cup semi-final kija dragon wins Tuo Jiaxi sina sports watch action figure chess Beijing time on October 14th, the sixth session of the "Quzhou Lanke Cup" Chinese Chess Championship semi final at the Quzhou Crown Hotel finishes. Kija white dragon Mi Yu Ting 2.5 white fine light, head out of Wang xi. Kija will compete for the championship and rotten Ke Mi Yu ting. In the top 8 before the war, Ke Jie defeated Chen Yaoye broke into the semi-finals, while the other side is out of the Gu Li. Chen Yaoye face and face to face in front of the ranks of the opponent, on the paper is undoubtedly a test for. But kija from September since the end of the race to win the 6 game winning streak, the momentum is very fierce. While his opponent Tuo Jiaxi is not anxiety more so a 8 game winning streak, he did not know to lose. Two people will have a showdown showdown ended. After first guess the girder fine light zhihei first. The two sides has been fighting in the lower left corner, the solitary dragon also tried to cure the girder fine light surrounded below the field, only kija directly break the maneuvers, and rescued two chess tendons, let the black spot below the damaged. When the disc is on the right hand to grab the girder fine light slightly below the upper hand by mistake, kija search, a lot cheaper. Then the two sides in the upper right corner, the girder fine light kija immediately force the fight for every inch of land, cut back, first black number of chess ribs to form conversion, although the errors in the back, but the overall situation is still white obvious advantages. The above situation is unfavorable to the end game in fine light kija, seize the opportunity to the left of the black dragon hands, under the white dragon do die, iron bastions, kija hand 194 white dragon disc wins. In this way, kija continuous beat Chen Yaoye and two master took the lead into the fine light, the rotten Ke cup final. Mi Ting Yu Sheng Wang Xi another disc semi-final, Wang Xi zhihei against Mi Yu Ting, the two sides began fighting to the last half disc. In the lower left corner of the life and death in the final two compromise, each. The white chess towards better development situation. Mi Ting Yu end game stage slightly errors, but not affect the final win, win 2.5 white. Started on rotten Ke Cup finals will be pedestrian street in Quzhou Water Pavilion Road at 15 days 10 when the tower. Kija will compete for the cup trophy and rotten Ke Mi Yu ting. (Wen Xuan) (Wen Xuan)

90Guo Chuan relatives and friends for the first time to disclose details of the rescue captain last ca|Guo Chuan relatives and friends for the first time to disclose details of the rescue captain last ca0

Guo Chuan first revealed the details of the rescue captain relatives last call exposure [Abstract] October 25th Beijing time around 3:30 in the afternoon, Guo Chuan shore team by tracking system that Guo Sichuan appeared sailing speed situation, try to contact Guo Chuan but did not respond. And at about 3, and his college classmate, Yang Bin, were on the phone. [information] Guo Chuan master has not yet been found and never give up the search and rescue work according to CCTV news client reported on October 30th, today (30 days), China occupation contestant Guo Sichuan sailing in the Pacific Ocean has lost contact with fifth days, lost contact with the specific circumstances of the day is what, what are the rescue progress now? This afternoon, the relatives and friends of Guo Chuan to our exclusive disclosure of the relevant details. Guo Chuan has been missing (Figure) lost contact with the last call before and who? Beijing time at 3:30 on October 25th or so, Guo Chuan shore team through the tracking system found that the speed of the ship appeared in the case of the speed of the ship, trying to contact Guo Chuan did not respond. And at about 3, and his college classmate, Yang Bin, were on the phone. According to Yang Bin memories, Guo Chuan told him peace. Yang Bin asked him the biggest challenge now is what Guo Chuan said the challenge is to speed faster, but he said several trip before are more adapted, and also have professional training, let old classmates at ease, probably in November 5th or 6, will arrive in Shanghai. Guo Chuan shore team after analysis, confirmed that the water. Under the coordination of the Chinese Embassy in the United States and the Consulate General in Losangeles, the United States dispatched aircraft and ships, after Guo Chuan lost contact to search and rescue the waters of the incident. Chinese merchant ships are searching the waters of the incident, Guo Chuan’s cousin Sun Ping, after losing contact with the Sichuan Province, has been the communication and coordination of the Chinese Embassy and consulates in the United States and other rescue forces. Beijing time 30 in the morning, China Ocean, a merchant ship rushed to the waters near the incident, ongoing search and rescue. Sun Ping introduction, merchant ships into the sea, a number of relief supplies, including water, food and life-saving equipment. All of the instruments on the merchant ship were taken out to ensure that the ship was not dead. At night, I will send some signal bombs, I hope that Guo Chuan can see that someone is in his rescue. Sun Ping introduction, the merchant ship has promised in the case of oil, in the waters surrounding the incident to carry out uninterrupted search and rescue. Guo Chuan’s relatives and friends on shore and the team is still close to the incident to join the sea rescue. Guo Chuan team will board the sailing ship to Shanghai in addition, Guo Chuanan team will also rushed to the sea. Guo Chuan cousin Sun Ping said, the team will board the ship on the ship, and more scientifically to judge how to fall into the water is Guo Chuan Kishi Kami. To complete this task at the same time, Guo Chuan cooperation with the sailors, but also to the ship to Shanghai, the completion of the ship’s historic mission.

56Hengda boss won the memorial hair prose but was reporter ridicule traitor – Sports Sohu|Hengda boss won the memorial hair prose but was reporter ridicule traitor – Sports Sohu3

Hengda boss won the memorial hair prose but was "a reporter quipped" the Sohu sports last night Hengda in home court once again raised the Vulcan cup, which they won six consecutive Super League champions, in this happy moment, as Hengda Club General Manager Liu Yongzhuo, micro-blog sent some more new Tianhe stadium ceremony video, citing ancient to celebrate this wonderful moment, Chinese you can not satisfy everyone, there is no need to make everyone satisfied, you only need to do better than others! This is an encouraging discourse, but some people ridicule. But love has always been mocking Hengda club football reporter Zhao Zhen once again to Liu Yongzhuo’s posting Tucao, said: "Xu Jingzong is a traitor, Liu is indeed a cultural person", so there is no doubt in mocking Liu Yong burns, and then continue to Zhao Zhen Tucao according to this passage, is suspected of Hengda boss Xu Jiayin Tucao, this behavior is undoubtedly Zhao Zhen and Hengda club and rival fans to do. He was earlier in the day of Hengda Club Youth attack, he thinks the introduction of Hengda club so many young players do not give people a chance to play, only the last match sent on 00 after Zhang Aokai, is a show the behavior of the words seemed to Hengda green the training and the club operators were attacked, it also caused a lot of dissatisfaction with the fans.

87Ji’nan 14 year old boy height of 2.19 tribute Yao Ming oath into the Chinese men’s basketball|Ji’nan 14 year old boy height of 2.19 tribute Yao Ming oath into the Chinese men’s basketball8

Ji’nan 14 year old boy height 2.19 tribute to Yao Ming China basketball legend Ji Minshang into the oath to visit and guide the "little Yao Ming" reporter Guo Jigang "I try a little more, one day can also with" he "like?" 21 PM, at the Ji’nan City Sports School Basketball Training Center, 14 year old Liu Zewen while shooting, he asked the next coach. In May last year in Zhangqiu city primary school basketball match, Liu Zewen due to the height of nearly 2 meters and attention. A year later, he has become a Ji’nan city sports school basketball talented students, a dream seed is also stubborn root: they not only from the height close to the idol Yao Ming, it can really be like Yao Ming star some day in the future. A 12 cm height is expected to reach up to 2.19 meters since the hero of the juvenile. At the age of 14, Yao Ming has become the main center of the Shanghai youth team. The same 14 year old Liu Zewen, at least from the height, is gradually approaching to Yao Ming. Like Yao Ming at a young age, Liu Zewen also had the same height as his peers – 2.09 meters. Since childhood, Liu Zewen has become a giant in his peers. In kindergarten, he grew up to nearly 1.4 meters; in the first grade, he reached a height of 1.58 meters. Because of the height, Liu Zewen’s growth path, along with other people’s attention, but also accompanied by a variety of trivial troubles. Fortunately, from the primary school five years after exposure to basketball, Liu Zewen fell in love with the sport, and then smoothly into the school basketball team. Alone, he would think of basketball, think about their height, perhaps God gave him a gift. In May 8th last year, the city of Zhangqiu in the primary school basketball game, when the height of 1 meters has reached the beginning of Liu Zewen’s attention to the 97. It is to rely on the height advantage of Liu Zewen, where he is located in the town center primary school in Zhangqiu achieved third good results, he was also the outside world to become a little Yao Ming". Liu Zewen became popular, also attracted the attention of Shandong men’s basketball team, national famous center Ji Minshang, Da Ji last year personally went to Liu Zewen’s school to carry on the instruction. Last year after graduating from primary school, Liu Zewen was selected into the Ji’nan city sports school, began formal training in basketball. After more than a year of professional training and strict diet management, Liu Zewen’s rapid growth in height, 12 cm higher than in May last year, in October this year has reached 2.09 meters. "I look at the outside world has said he to 2.16 meters, is in fact not so long, but after bone age test, he can be about 10 centimeters long." Ji’nan City Sports School Sports Management Center Director Gao Rongling told reporters. Is it a little late for basketball to catch up with Yao Ming? The future of Chinese basketball rests on the basketball players. All of a sudden, Ji’nan came up with such a Liu Zewen odd boy, the outside world of his expectations are naturally high. But need to see is that Liu Zewen may be close to the height of 2.26 meters in the Yao Ming, but may not be able to achieve the achievements of Mr. Yao Ming. After all, he was 13 years old began to receive formal professional basketball training, a little late. In contrast, the 9 year old Yao Ming has entered the youth sports school to receive formal training in basketball. Fortunately, Liu Zewen’s basketball talent is good, coordination is also very.

05Russell the new nuclear unruffled feel hot still need to strengthen the sports organization – Sohu|Russell the new nuclear unruffled feel hot still need to strengthen the sports organization – Sohu1

Russell the new nuclear unruffled feel hot organizations still need to strengthen the sports Sohu – > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on October 27th, NBA entered the second regular season games, the Lakers took home court with a 120-114 victory over the Rockets win a tough game, Russell played the game well, 29 minutes 16 throw in 7 scored 20 points and 3 assists. The beginning of the game, Russell firepower, hit two consecutive record three points, again in three point hit while causing Daniels foul at 3+1, led by the young Lakers and rockets were launched. In the first game, Russell scored 12 points. The second half, Russell once again usher in a small climax, both the bottom line in the distance steadily hit in the fast advancing, and back singles Gordon fadeaway jumper, fully demonstrated their strong offensive capability. But in the offense, Russell apparently did not do well in the third quarter, although he intends to strengthen the offensive, roll pass to Mozgov, creating opportunities for dunks Randall, also has the bottom line second pass vacancy Nick Young such a wonderful pass, but on the whole, the audience only sent 3 assists, but the key moment in the fourth quarter tied the play back this mistake, apparently did not reach the level of some. In fact, Russell is not a passing guard, a lot of time on their own offensive ability to resolve the fighting, and the game itself on offense feeling hot, he has strengthened the personal attack. In addition, there are a lot of need to improve and improve the defensive side Russell. However, as the new leader of the Lakers, Russell on the pitch attitude and the critical moment of the temperament and convincing, in section second, he was on the defensive end is very astute off harden ball, quickly push back. The key moment in the fourth quarter after the debut, the first is very tough to break the basket cause destruction, the Lakers took the lead in the defensive end followed harden, effectively destroying the rocket attack, after more positive ground scraping, recaptured the key ball. On the whole, as the core of this young team, Russell’s performance is very good, hope that as the game progresses, Walton can make Russell more good series team in strengthening personal attack at the same time, also need to accumulate experience. (A Ke)