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89The US Zhang Shuai Stosur lost Olympic champion Zheng Saisai; Xu Pennant – Sports Promotion –|The US Zhang Shuai Stosur lost Olympic champion Zheng Saisai; Xu Pennant – Sports Promotion –0

Us: Zhang Shuai Stosur lost Olympic champion   Zheng Saisai; Xu Pennant – Sports Promotion — original title: US – Zhang Shuai Stosur lost the Olympic champion Zheng Saisai Xu Pennant promotion Xinhua New York September 2nd sports news (reporter Li Bowen) combined China player Zhang Shuai and Leah Australia’s Stosur, 6:7 (2 to 6:3 6:8 and 4:6) against the Rio Olympic Games women’s doubles champion, Russian combination Maarova / Vesnina, missed the United States Open women’s doubles third. In a field next to the No. 11 seed Zheng Saisai / Xu Yifan by 6:3 And 7:6 (7:5) defeated the IRA Covic / Sangduoniya combination, the third round of women’s doubles promotion. With the combination of the Olympic champion battle, 6:3 won the first to Zhang Shuai / Stosur. Both the second set to 6:6, the game was snatches seven. Snatches in seven games, Zhang Shuai / Stosur once leading to 6:3 holding 3 match points, but the opponent even under 5 minutes to win 8:6. "After all the opponent is a Grand Slam champion and Olympic champion, which is currently the strongest tennis doubles on one of the 3. For a long time do not play doubles, we have made a lot of progress, today almost scored, and enjoy the process." Zhang Shuai said after the game. Third the two sides drew 2:2, Maarova / Vesnina in the fifth inning break, then the two sides issued their own security, the score to 5:4, tenth Russian combination broke again, the final victory will be. The next Zhang Shuai singles opponent is Kazakhstan fierce female Scherf do Va. Before Scherf do Va in the second round of promotion beat Wang qiang. "It is not easy to play the third round, and I am very satisfied with my performance." Zhang Shuai said. (commissioning editor Zhang Fan and Yang Lei)

94Pakistani media criticized Scolari Hengda successfully wiped out 1 to 7 than he has been out of date|Pakistani media criticized Scolari Hengda successfully wiped out 1 to 7 than he has been out of date4

Pakistani media comment Scolari: Hengda successfully erase 1 than the 7 he had dated Scolari + sports reporters in small reported that although the rate of Guangzhou Hengda Taobao won the Super League sixth champions, but the Brazilian Scolari still evaluation is not high. Brazilians will never forget the 2014 World Cup semi-final defeat to the German team 1 to 7, then coached the Brazil team is the Guangzhou Hengda Taobao coach. Brazil’s largest portal football experts believe that in the super win again and again does not prove that Scolari coaching philosophy is outdated, incorrect, Brazilians will never forget 1 to 7. Q: do you have a lot of weight in China? Is Scolari out of date? A few years later, how will he be remembered? Andre · for a coach who has won almost all the important titles in the Copa America and the world cup, the champions in China are very light, or close to nothing. Although the level has been improving, but the league is not enough to be used as a parameter or evaluation criteria. Scolari is out of date. Germany lost, in the game, although the technical analysis report pointed out other options, but he stubbornly chose Bernard, he is outdated, need to update their knowledge of evidence. His criticism is fair, not only for the criticism of the game, but also for the performance of the Brazil team in the world cup. The Brazil team is in panic because the players know that the team is completely disorganized and disorganized. One thing about Varro is one thing, and the other is another thing. Congratulations to Scolari, he won another title. Although I do know the importance of this title (Super Champion) in the world (limited). Guangzhou Hengda in China football strength far beyond their peers, almost every year to win it. Now with Scolari to win, before he also won the championship. Obviously, the China champion enough to erase on the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, 1 more than 7 lost to Germany’s memory. Of course, the sinner is not just Scolari, the players also have a share, but is not a light weight. However, Scolari did not avoid the short circuit of the team, it is the short circuit so that we pay the price of a big defeat, so that the Germans into so many balls. Juca · Covy in Brazil after the world cup, Scolari also coached gremio. Due to the poor performance of his evaluation Gremio, in Chinese take champion can not change. How will people remember him in a few years? In Brazil, people will remember 1 to 7. In the world, people will remember (South Korea world cup) fifth crown. Mei Nong was out of fashion before the Brazil world cup. At Palmeiras, his poor performance. After the world cup, is not good at Gremio scores. He will be remembered more than 1 to 7, even though it is a great injustice. Scolari in the history of football in Brazil positioning · Andre; Luo time can heal wounds. But time is sometimes cruel. Vincent · Zhang Wei, P

57China men relay gold medal women’s team foul – Beijing|China men relay gold medal women’s team foul – Beijing9

China men relay gold medal women’s team fouls – Beijing Short Track Speed Skating World Cup in Washington (reporter Liu Ailin) yesterday, the 2016-2017 season of World Cup short track speed skating second station in Salt Lake City ended, in the finale of the men’s 5000 metres relay final, consisting of Wu Dajing, Han Tianyu, Xu Hongzhi, Ren Ziwei Chinese team with 6 minutes 48 seconds 078 the results of this season China won the first gold medal of men’s speed skating team. But in the women’s 3000 meter relay team in the final, China was sentenced to foul, with regret and missed the medals, won by the South Korean team won. In the men’s 5000 meter relay finals are Chinese, Canada, Holland and the Kazakhstan team, Chinese sent the squad for the first bar, second bar Han Tianyu, Wu Dah Jing Ren Ji Wai and the last third rod rod Xu Hongzhi. After the start of the game China team in second place in the taxi to 2000 meters after the use of Xu Hongzhi and Wu Dah Jing of the handover, Chinese team completed the Canadian team on the back and began full slip collar. After a long 3000 meters away, the Chinese team has always been in the leading position of the four young men, will firmly grasp the lead until the final sprint. This is Chinese men’s short track speed skating team won the first gold medal in this season. But in the women’s 3000 meter relay team in the final China not so lucky, four women Fan Kexin, Song Lin Yue, spring, Zang Yize with South Korea and Holland and the Canadian team in the competition in second, but because of the fouls in the competition was sentenced invalid. In addition, in the individual competition, Han Tianyu gained a silver medal in the men’s 500 meters final; van Al in the women’s 500 metres final in third place, won a bronze medal.

78James put pressure on the Cavaliers Management Jr contract should be settled as soon as possible (vi|James put pressure on the Cavaliers Management Jr contract should be settled as soon as possible (vi0

James then put pressure on the knight Management: JR contract should soon be fix JR Smith 1516 season top ball flying James dummied pickle sports news October 9th too domineering Tencent according to the American media news of the new season NBA season is like a raging fire, but for Clif Cleveland ‘JR- Smith, because the problem has not renewed fix, still did not return with the team, the defending big industry soon, even James also sit still. James and pressure management contract JR James recently in an interview with the American media, once again to Cleveland management at JR pressure, James said publicly: "JR’s daughter in the school, he also lived in the city, his ability is also very good, but when we stand in each field and we do not feel his presence, the team is influential, as I said before, things should be fix as soon as possible!" According to previous reports, JR- Smith is expected to get a contract for a salary of $15 million, the Cleveland Cavaliers at present for JR- Smith’s salary is $10 million -1100 million, in the current negotiations between the two sides, JR- Smith and the Cavaliers for the annual salary is still 4 million to 5 million U.S. dollars gap. JR- Smith is 31 years old, last season, he played for the Cavaliers in the regular season for the second time, the game was played for 30.7 minutes, the contribution of 12.4 points, hit rate of 41.5%, the hit rate of three points by 40%. The playoffs he averaged 11.5 points, shooting and three hits were up to 43.6% and 43%, made distinctions won in battle for the knight title. Now, JR has not yet been agreed in the contract with the knights, NBA preseason has been carried out in the absence of JR like a raging fire, for the team running is obviously very unfavorable. In this summer, Jinzhou warriors Durant, the Cleveland Cavaliers will now even have yet to return, such a situation for the Cavaliers this season championship is definitely negative. (knife sister) copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent sports, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, or will be held liable.

25James Erwin of the 15 12+4 108-105 76 wins en bide Knight Sports – Sohu|James Erwin of the 15 12+4 108-105 76 wins en bide Knight Sports – Sohu4

Sohu > sports James Erwin of the 15 12+4 108-105 76 wins en bide Knight -; > data point shooting record comments Beijing time on October 9th, NBA in the preseason, the Cleveland Cavaliers in the home court ushered in the Philadelphia 76 people team challenge, finally after four bouts, Knight 108-105 victory. James scored 15 points and 4 rebounds and 2 assists, Erwin scored 15 points and 3 assists, Mccrea young outstanding performance bench, scored 20 points and 5 rebounds, 4 assists, 14 points with Frye. 76 people, Nebid scored 12 points and 4 rebounds, Holmes, 19 points and 6 rebounds, Rodrigues, a total of 15 points and 8 assists, with a total of 13 points and 6 assists in the game of the game, with a score of points. The four score (Knight first) were: 26-27,25-20, 32-29, 25-29 in the first section of the game, Nebid is a single hand Split Button scored, after xiangbote hit bottom three points, James rush to 2+1, Erwin’s singles life long distance two points, the knight soon gains the advantage of 10-4, 76 the offensive mistakes frequently, Knight lead more and more. After a pause, the knight attack efficiency declined, 76 people took the opportunity to catch the score, Rodrigues hit the jump stop, 76 people chasing the score into 23 levels, the first section of the end of the game, 76 people leading a 27-26. The second section of the game up, fry outside feint breakthrough inside layup. The 76 then gradually strengthened inside defense continuously destroyed the knight four attack, Nebid also has a wonderful cover. The offensive end, Nebid hit three outside, Saric and storm layup, 76 leading up to 7 points. James two times long jumper, and complete one-stop layup, help the rider to catch up with the score. Two times Erwin layup, Knight 45-43 counter ultra score, assists "Birdman" dunks with both hands, the first half ended James again to complete a dragon knight, layup, 51-47 lead 76 people. The third section of the game, the Cavalier on the squad, Mccrea hit two consecutive vote, Dunleavy also completed 76 consecutive catch layup, attack, Frye hit three points, Knight 60-49 leading up to two digits. After the suspension, the Cavaliers hit two points again, scoring three points, the attack is still not much improvement in the 76. The second half of the third quarter, Mccrea hit consecutive layups and won the penalty, scored 11 points, with the Rodrigues Cavaliers hit three points, Knight 83-76 the end of the third quarter. Small game on the offensive end, 76 improved, will lead to a knight, quickly responded, Mccrea hit three points, Brown staged 360 dunks, opened the score again. After 76 consecutive successful attacks, in the game with 45 seconds left to overtake, Fred Brown assists to complete layup after knight with 18 seconds left when a leader. With the last three points in Rodrigues, Knight 108-105 victory. Knight starting lineup: Erwin, James, Anderson, Le Fu, xiangbote starting 76)

47Warm-up match – Silva 2 goals DC assists Spain 2-0 Belgium – Sohu Sports|Warm-up match – Silva 2 goals DC assists Spain 2-0 Belgium – Sohu Sports1

The warm-up match – Silva 2 ball DC great assists Spain 2-0 Belgium – Sohu sports Beijing time on September 2nd at 2:45 in the morning, the Spanish national team against Belgium National team, the two teams will complete an international football match. Silva in the first half from " > gaoqingtu: Silva shot point arc morata back injury face haze Beijing time on September 2nd at 2:45 in the morning, the Spanish national team against Belgium National team, the two teams will complete an international football match. The first half Silva long shots break, Silva in the second half penalty scored two of Spain’s 2-0 victory over the Belgian team, head coach Lopez Terje of Spain bullfighting Legion team debut, ended with a victory. Spain and Belgium team history has played 22 times, with 11 wins and 6 bull Legion flat 5 negative 44 goals, scoring 22 goals to prevail. The last time the Spanish team lost to Belgium dates back to the 1980 European Cup, the European Red Devils beat 2-1 bullfighting legion. The last time the two teams in the race against the Spanish team, in 2010 South Africa World Cup qualifiers, home court 5-0, 2-1 away beat belgium. This is a game of the Spanish team coach Lopez Terje debut in the national team as a goalkeeper, David De Gea, Peake and Ramos partner halfback combination, Carvajal and Marcello as left defender. Tiago and Busquets as a single defensive midfielder, Kirk paired avant-garde, Vitolo and Silva in the side around, Morata served as offensive attack bridgehead. At the end of the European Cup after the Belgian team also experienced a coaching change, Roberto Martinez completed the Belgian national team debut in the home court, Courtois as a goalkeeper, Alderweireld and vertonghen double defender, Jordan Lukaku and Maniyah as a left defender. Witt Sal and Goran Na’in double waist, de Blau Hei served as offensive front commander, Callas, and Zal as a winger, striker origgi go out. Sixth minutes, Callas sent pass, wurtzell before the forbidden area right foot hit the door, the ball flew out of the left side of the bottom line. Nineteenth minutes, Alderweireld sent a long ball forward origgi offside. After 1 minutes, Silva left the road cross, the first point is the Belgian defender siege, Tiago followed up his right foot heavy shelling door, the ball struck the right column to fly out of the bottom line. Twenty-seventh minutes, Morata was injured for the end of the game, Diego – substitute for the battle of the United States and the United States and the United States and china. Thirty-fourth minutes, the Spanish team took the lead in the break, Diego – Costa restricted area in the middle of the road to receive teammate inverted triangle pass, plug in the middle of the road, hit the door in the right way, 1-0. Diego and Costa have been in good form recently, with the club and the national team scoring 3 goals and a total of 3 assists in the last 6 games. 1 minutes later, Vitolo sent pass, Tiago Road, right foot hit the door hit high. Half stoppage time 1 minutes, then the two sides no longer done, half of Harding Park, the Spanish team temporarily lead 1-0. The second half to fight again, the Belgian team makes a change, change the Golan Na’in Dembele debut. Forty-eighth minutes, midfielder Kirk sent a long pass, Peake road to save