Changzhi to participate in medical insurance for urban residents in 60 to 64 years old can enjoy fre-ssport

Changzhi to participate in medical insurance for urban residents in 60 to 64 years old can enjoy free medical examination in November 2nd Shanxi evening news (reporter Zhang Wenju) "in addition to blood, and abdominal ultrasound, electrocardiogram and routine examination and surgery." Today morning, the staff of Changzhi City Heroes Road Street office to receive forward medical card residents. Since October 10th, Changzhi city health examination to participate in medical insurance for urban residents 60 to 64 residents, the city medical center to arrange the streets to eligible residents issued medical card. Before December 31st this year, in line with the conditions of the residents can be a health examination fee for 120 yuan per person, by the municipal urban residents medical insurance fund and provincial financial burden. Physical examination including blood pressure, blood routine, liver function, renal function, blood lipid, blood glucose and other projects. At the same time, chronic diseases in elderly, senile disease, hospital specialists arranged for the elderly and health guidance on site. The person in charge of street community health service center, the area insurance available to the elderly community health agencies booking nearby; medical community health institutions to the elderly free "health card", convenient for the elderly to keep track of their own health status; after the examination, the community health organizations will also be continuous for the elderly and effective management, such as the assessment of the health of older people. Changzhi City, high tech Zone with the urban residents to pay hospital and Li Xinru hospital for medical examination, other counties shall be borne by the conditions of the following two designated medical institutions examination task. A month after the end of all physical tasks within the medical institutions will be issued by the health guidance and the corresponding normative medical report.

长治参加城镇居民医保60至64岁老人可享免费体检   山西晚报11月2日讯(记者 张文举)“除了血常规,还有腹部B超、心电图以及内外科的常规检查。”今日上午,长治市区英雄中路街道办事处工作人员向前来领取体检卡的居民介绍。自10月10日起,长治市对参加城镇居民医保的60至64岁居民进行健康体检,市医保中心安排各街道向符合条件的居民发放了体检卡。   今年12月31日前,符合条件的居民可进行一次健康体检,费用为每人120元,由市级城镇居民医疗保险基金和省级财政共同负担。体检包括测血压、血常规、肝功能、肾功能、血脂、血糖等项目。同时,针对老年慢性病、老年多发病,医院安排了专职医师为老年人现场讲解及进行健康指导。   街道社区卫生服务中心的负责人说,辖区的参保老年人可到就近的社区卫生机构预约体检;体检时社区卫生机构将向老年人免费发放“健康卡”,方便老年人随时掌握自身健康状况;体检结束后,社区卫生机构还将对老年人进行连续、有效的管理,如老年人健康状况的评估。   长治市城区、高新区符合条件的城镇居民可以到粮机医院和李新如医院进行体检,其他县市区由具备条件的二级以下定点医疗机构承担体检任务。所有体检任务结束后一个月内,各体检机构将出具规范性体检报告和相应的健康指导。相关的主题文章: