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Chengdu to Deyang motor car to open the bus rush hour every 30 minutes – Chinese New Year passengers take Chengdu to Deyang emu. Anyuan photo Beijing, Chengdu, September 30 (Anyuan Wang Peng) 30, Chengdu to Deyang EMU bus launching ceremony held at the Deyang train station north station plaza. Reporters learned from the Chengdu Railway Bureau, Chengdu to Deyang will be added to the opening of 7 pairs of EMU, every day to stop the Deyang EMU will be increased to 32 times, the peak period of up to every 30 minutes. Mianyang Chengdu Leshan passenger dedicated connection as the capital city of Chengdu and the industrial city of Deyang between the intercity railway, since December 2014 opening and operation of passenger traffic between the two has been unpopular, EMU attendance was more than 80%, during the holidays the capacity demand is more prominent. Reporters learned that, from the beginning of October 1st, Chengdu Railway Bureau in the east of Chengdu, Deyang between additional C6282 1, C6284 3, C6286 5, C6288 7, C6290 89, C6292 1, C6294 3 times 14 times EMU, and the existing train transportation organization optimized adjustment. By then, there will be 32 times a day to train the DeYang Railway Station passenger transport operations, including the direction of Deyang to Chengdu EMU can guarantee an hour per hour, even up to 30 minutes during peak hours. Into Germany will also form a real meaning of efficient, fast, large capacity intercity passenger corridor for the public to create a better condition for fast and convenient travel. (end)相关的主题文章: